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What does the phrase "live life to the fullest" mean?

I frequently see that as an answer to the question, "what is our purpose in life?" or "what gives meaning to our lives?". It is as if there is some checklist of things we ought to do before we die.

Or does "live life to the fullest" just tell us to keep busy and distracted so we won't think about meaning and purpose?


Marco. I think that may be what most people mean but in what sense is it "full"? Full of activity? Full of good feelings about oneself? How does all that relate to purpose and meaning?

Update 2:

Notorious: "Try and get as much accomplished as you can." Is there a list of things that I have to do? And where does the list come from? I think you're just telling me that I'll be happier if I keep busy.

Update 3:

Ava: "A full life is a simple life." This seems to be almost the opposite of what most people mean. Perhaps the phrase means something different to different people.

Update 4:

Ross: "Our life purpose is to love one another". I would think that you would not likely answer a question about purpose with "live life to the fullest", rather you would answer "love one another"?

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    Great question!!

    I think what is meant by living life to the fullest is to live freely without any inhibitions or restrictions... it is sort of a rebellion against the presumed constraints placed by the social and religious norms.... it is perhaps a declaration of war against any norm that intends to bind us. In that sense, I believe that this phrase is shallow and highly materialistic... something like saying lots of quantity and variety can ensure quality.... on the contrary, both excessive quantity and variety are sure prescriptions for aberrations in quality. I would therefore say that those who are talking of living life to its fullest are missing the point that being full is very different from being satisfied and happy.

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    Our purpose in life = Live Life to the Fullest.

    You're question makes us wonder whether that is our only purpose in life and how to achieve that.

    Life life to the Fullest = Live today as it's your last day, never regret the past , don't worry about future. All of us should have our own checklist . I have mine, it's quite simple but workable.

    For example

    1) To start each day joyfully and end it happily.

    2) To make at least 1 person's day happy

    3) Career decision - to reach a .... post by the yr ...

    the list can go on. When you have this goals , we try to achive this to our best capability.

    This experiences should make us wiser and a better person . Do a personal review every 10 yrs. Have you grown wiser, has the experiences made you a better person . If not, it's time to do something about it. Has your relationship with God improved ?

    How is your self confidence ?

    All this is defined in live life to the fullest. There are alot of other definitions for this, but too lengthy to go on.

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    Live Life To Its Fullest

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    Living life to the fullest is to actively satisfy every aspect of your being. Do something to satisfy your intellect and be a renaissance man- like study new things, language, skill, knowledge, et al. A satisfy your emotion and be an artist, like learning music, watch plays, take up painting, and stuff that would release and crystallise your emotions. Satisfy your body (not in the immoral and sensual side of life) but something like on the healthy and fun side. Learn scuba diving perhaps, or do cross-continent backpacking, attend a 7-day survival camp, learn new martial arts, take up gymnastics or yoga... And finally, satisfy your spiritual side, and there is no other way than accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have fellowship with Him always, study His scriptures and practise the principles written there, relate to other believers, and learn to love one another.

    That's living life to the fullest. And speaking about "purpose in life," well we all heard about giving glory to God. What's more glorifying to God than for Him to see us living the fullest of life whithin the boundaries of His holiness. The bible says that whatever we do, we do it for the glory of God, and that includes fun and learning.

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    It means that we must live every moment as if it was our last.

    But God promises eternal life on the other side with him, although we can choose to come back... but thats a whole other story. Although its very interesting.

    It states that, Everything that happens in our life, around us, to the ones we love and to the ones we dont, has been written down by us. Yes, while we were in heaven. That is how we prepare, we write down every single last detail of our lives, our friends, our parents, our enemies, you name it. But around every detail we have choices. We have free will.

    You see, it doesnt mean that we have to go crazy and write down all these things to keep us busy, the things that happen to us are for a reason. We learn. it simply means that we have to accept the things that we cant change and improve the things that we can. A full life is a simple life.

    By no means must we ignore the meaning or purpose of life, thats why life is so amazingly beautiful because we can explore, dream and discover.

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    Just my two cents: I see this phrase on dating sites very frequently. Although I never really understood what it meant it did cause a negative reaction in me. Those same profiles usually list a bunch of activities that were already sought and experienced. These people usually gave me the impression of being control freaks and attempting to fill themselves with activities and events. perhaps to kept their minds occupied so as not to have to be with themselves. They also seem to be overly confident which is the same as overcompensating to hide insecurities. But what do I know.......I'm just here for a short time and after a generation no one will know I was here nor give a fk. But that's ok...thats just how the universe is.

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    When we are in our true self, we are already living to the fullest, there is no check list, or divisions.We are not being in our true self, we are what others wants us to be or what we think we should become looking into external 'models' and hence the division : my real Being is something but what my thought/mind is seeking something else and so the misery of life!In such a situation,living to the fullest mean several things:1.give up duplicity,double speak.2.Be one in thoughts,feelings and deeds; body,mind and soul not being at logger heads!3.Living full,not half in the sense, for example, that we have both masculinity and femininity in equal measure in each of both the sexes, but male is generally owing only the masculine part(left brain) and the female, feminine(right brain),every activity in life needs both,living wholesomely require development of both fully and integrate.4.Living fully also means that we are connected to everything that exist-people,plants,animals,space,earth,air and so on and in fact nurtured by each one of them and hence relate and respect all,do not degrade environment and people, living fully means, living together with all beings-animate and inanimate,then only we are complete,full.

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    Do you really want to know the meaning of the phrase living life to the fullest, or do you want to know the purpose and meaning of your life?

    We are given a certain number of years to live. Then we die. Unless you are someone who's truly spectacular, you will not leave mark on this world (other than perhaps your friends and family will remember you fondly).

    Unless you're a believer in after-life (Judeo-Christianity or any other similar religions), this will be your one and only life - and the option of "the meaning & purpose of this life is to do good and go to heaven" is not an option to you.

    I am an atheist (or agnostic, but I choose not to believe in Gods or after-life). Therefore I have no imposed purpose and meaning in this world, other than the one that I choose for myself.

    You seems to be obsessed with the idea of "check-list" associated with "living life to the fullest", and yes, a check list of things you want to do before you die will be an interesting way to see what your goals and motivators are in life. (I've tried it in the process of seeking my meaning of life).

    But most checklists are actions based (achieve this, do that), and I found putting meaning of my life, my existence, on things like "start my own business" or "climb Mount Everest" to be superficial and unfulfilling.

    Instead I put my meaning of life in a set of values that I hold dearly. A mission statement. And everyday I read that statement, and go out set to do it. If I fail, then there always be tomorrow.

    You might say this is "keeping myself busy". But the difference is

    1. I CHOOSE my values consciously (i.e. I want it)

    2. I separate my values from my progress (who I am is not what I do or what I have)

    What other choice do you have other that choosing your own goal and living your whole life trying to attain it?

    Given the fact that we all will die and all our achievements are meaningless in the long term anyway, the only choice is either to fight for something of your own choosing or give up and die today (after all, what is the difference of dying today and 40 years from now if your have a Nihilistic view on life?)

    If 40 years from now I am on my death bed, and I have lived my life based on my values, and I have no regret about dying - I'd say I have lived my life to the fullest.

    This will be different for everyone. After all, when you're an atheist, the meaning of life is unique for every single person. It is the meaning they have to choose for themselves, or risk living a meaningless life.

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    Hey ya...

    It simply means make use of ur one life the way u want. just do everything... Be it dumb, wild, sad, happy anything.... Just try out all things that u wanna do...

    But yes... do it only if u can take up the responsibilty for all ur actions... be good or bad. Enjoy at thesame time know that ur freedom ends when u start intruding into another person's freedom.

    This is called living to the brim... to the fullest...


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