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what does no pun intended mean exactly?

when people say no pun intended, what are they saying? its confusing...and how do i choose if someone made the best answer..what do i click and where do i go

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    Hey mate. Well for starters, a pun is a play on words. So for example, I will quote this phrase to you: "the pun is mightier than the sword!" However we all know that the proper phrase is "the PEN is mightier than the sword." Therefore, the first phrase I quoted was a pun - a play on the word "pen."

    Now what happens sometimes, and you will find this often in articles that are intended to be humorous, is that the phrase will be quoted with the added remark, "no pun intended"

    eg: The pun is mightier than the sword. (no pun intended!)

    It's really just a light-hearted way for the writer to acknowledge the fact that they have made a pun, but wasn't necessarily intended to come out that way. In some cases the pun really *was* intended, but like I said it's just a funny way of bringing it to the notice of the reader.

    As far as choosing a best answer, you have the ability to pick one within three days of asking the question - it's fairly straightforward, there should be an option under each of your answers to pick it as the best. Anything after three days, and the question goes to a vote, which means the whole Yahoo Answers community get to pick a best answer.

    Hope that helps!

    And just remember - you can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish! (no pun intended...)

    • Thats weird why it is said like that because in most cases the pun is intended

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    Pun Definition

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    I've never taken a course on this and quite frankly I don't care what verbiage others have attached to it, In the context its has always meant the same thing if you ask me. "No foul intended", "No harm intended", "No Pun- ishment intended". Keep it simple scholars and your meanings just may stick, complicate it and it'll probably remain a mystery.

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    pun intended

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    I believe puns are widely misunderstood, and the internet is not helping very much.

    A pun is a sentence that could be interpreted to have more than one meaning because a word in the sentence is a homophone (applies to speech, when two words sound alike but have different meanings) or a homonym (applies to written communication, when two words are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings).

    In order for it to actually qualify as a pun, the sentence must actually have more than one meaning (a viable meaning, and not nonsense). If you try to take the other meaning of the word in the sentence and it doesn't make any logical sense at all, the sentence does not qualify as a pun because there is only one way to interpret the sentence (you could call this a poor pun, if you wish to grasp at straws).

    So, just because one word in your sentence has two meanings does not mean you necessarily made a pun. If the words do not sound alike ("pen vs. pun"), that is also not a pun.

    It's not that easy to make a good pun, even for some professional writers. I don't think people actually make as many puns as they believe they do. I made one by accident once. When I was a child, my parents used to ground me indefinitely. One day I said,

    "You're going to ground me for so long that I'll still be grounded when I'm dead. So, you'll have to put a sign on my grave that says 'She is grounded indefinitely.'"

    My dad started laughing before I had realized what I said. Now, that IS a pun. It would be in both speech and written communication. It would have made perfect sense in this situation for me to say "no pun intended" because I was really trying to make a dramatic statement about the harshness of being grounded without a time limit. But the other meaning of the statement was accidentally humorous because it happened to be logical.


    That's what "no pun intended" means. It means basically, "I just realized that there is another meaning you could take from this sentence because one of the words in it has more than one meaning; however, I want you to take my intended meaning, which you recognize from the context of my sentence."

    Source(s): professional writing expertise
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    Renee has explained everything so I l just give an example. Jaden Smith says "No pun intended I WAS RAISED BY THE POWER OF WILL" on his song titled Never Say Never. This has more than one meanings that make perfect sence, since he was raised by his father Will, one would think that he means he was raised by his father s power. but that s not what he means. he is tryna say that its his willingness that brought him where he is. You dig?

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    My girlfriend to me: Wife has a nose like that of a cat, can smell something fishy from far pun

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    Allow me to rephrase it, "That? was not a joke, but you can take it as such..if you´d like" Forgive me for I´m not a native speaker but I trying to improve,

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    A pun, as you may be aware is a figure of speech which would have two meanings(a literary meaning and also a meaning that is different from the literary meaning). When a statement has pun and PUN NOT INTENDED, it means you have to take the literary meaning itself and not the figurative sense of it.

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    The phrase "no pun intended" actually means if you're talking about something, and at the same time make a pun or joke about it, you would say "no pun intended" to let people know you weren't trying to make a joke.

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