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個人對大大小小的事情都力求細心謹慎, 在任何的情況下總要求自己能夠沉著應對. 堅持這個理念對我幫助很大.

我覺得謙虛有禮,熱心幫助需要幫助的人,更為重要。對我來說,態度比能力更重要,隨時給人親切的微笑,讓周遭的人都能感受到你的熱情與溫暖。我覺得有愛心比任何事情都來得重要。 然而,這社會中最寶貴的常常也是最缺乏的。隨時說出鼓勵,造就人的話,是我做人的目標。





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    I am a person who is " responsiblefor seriously ", " in order to succeed in looking for the method" as my motto, no matter face any task, challenge, I always go all out,reach tasks entrusted to, the experiences of activity organizer, and commercialheadhunter passing the school in a lot of corporations are tempered, is it geta lot of maintain, crisis of interpersonal relationships on the office tostudy, EQ manage and resist pressure skill individual not to strive to be tobig and small thing careful and prudent, general requirements can be repliedcalmly in case of any. Insist this ideahelps me a lot. I feel modest and courteous, help the person in need of helpenthusiastically, even more important. To me, the attitude is more importantthan ability, give somebody a cordial smile at any time, enable the peoplearound to experience your enthusiasm and warmth. I think that there is lovethat more than anything. However, the most valuable one is often the mostscarce in this society. Tell and encourage at any time, it is the goal that Iconduct oneself to bring up people's words.

    1. Including flight safety management ...Safety inspection ...Securitypersonnel ...And the certificates are checked etc and flown to Ann relevantlyand worked. Fly and fit the understanding that I have the foundation of the jobrelevantly.


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    Personal characteristic

    I am a person of"hard be responsible for", with"for the success find a method"is my motto, ignore to face any mission, challenge, I always go all out, reaching is given of mission is passing by a school many movable entrepreneur, and businesses of associations to manage the experience and training of adviser, learning to many social interactions to support, crisis in, the EQ manage and anti- pressure etc. technical ability

    Personal all try hard for to various things with quiet attention careful, always request under the any condition oneself can be calm and steady to reply. Insist this principle to me help very greatly.

    I feel modest and polite, being enthusiastic about a help a person that need to be helped, more important. To me, the attitude is more more important than the ability, giving the person the warm smile at any time, let whole persons can feel your enthusiasm and the warmth. I feel good-hearted to compare any things all come importance. However, the most precious in this society of usually is also the most lacking. Speaking out encouragement at any time, educating the person's words is the target that I am a person.

    1. Undergo military service in the Aviation Police Bureau of Taoyuan for a year

    While serving as soldier, I undergo military service in the Aviation Police Bureau of Taoyuan, acquainting with everything of airport in Taoyuan very much. Include a flight safety management. . . Anne checks. . . Public security. . . And the license inspect etc. is related to fly Anne to work.

    Related fly Anne to work I have basal understanding.

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