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yu asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

「英文」高手 請幫我看一下文法有沒有錯給20點

字數太多 打不上來 請到下面 blog 謝謝



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  • 1 decade ago
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    1.on the morning today

    2.and i said"today is the best day in my life"

    3.I was going downstairs,

    4.I saw my mother was watching television

    5.I’m going to learn English,can you turn off the TV

    6.I switched computer on and surfed on the internet

    7.Today we will learn this word

    8.and then the phone cell was vibrating was my best friend BLUE

    10.I answered the phone

    11.I went into the garage

    12.we played basketball together.

    when we finished the playing,I forgot that my classmate, AJ,and i to sing a song ,

    13.and same sounded out again YA~MY~HA~ voice is so terrble

    15.Oh time is late and I should go home

    16.I started my motorcycle again and same sounded out again YA~MY~HA~

    17.When I arrived at home , I opened the door ,and I discovered something I missed

    18.I learn from this story about two things

    19.First is never converse with your motorcycle

    2008-03-28 01:14:32 補充:

    4.I saw my mother watching television

    2008-03-28 01:15:08 補充:

    6.I switched computer on and surfed the internet

    2008-03-28 01:15:41 補充:

    8.and then the cell phone was vibrating

    2008-03-29 22:22:29 補充:


    1. I woke up and I raised both hands up

    2.「Today is the best day in my life!」in a loud voice




    2008-03-29 22:23:06 補充:

    3.Mom, I’m going to learn English,can you turn off the TV?

    4.Suddenly,some dialogue appeared on television

    5.I put the pause and the world suddenly become quiet!!

    6.I forget my mom~~



    2008-03-30 19:46:44 補充:

    7.I turned on the computer and surfed the internet

    Source(s): 很多都是忘了加ed喔~~, 自己
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