CFS W/H charges - LAX, CHI

Being a smart US importer or professional consolidators in LAX or CHI,

( or you are familiar with the picking up cost ex. warehouse in USA , )

Welcome share us your knowledge, highly appreciated ….

Object: Direct Consolidation ex. Taiwan to LAX or CHI, ….

What charges will importer pay to consolidator and CFS warehouse (container freight station) besides ocean freight, DDC, CAF, BAF, AC, Pier Pass , …. various surcharges and Document Transferring Fee (H/C), for FOB shipments to LAX or CHI ?

The most of consolidators said that unloading/devenning expense was included in the LCL freight quote, so as to waive all charges in picking. Is it true ? Any sample company to support this ? Please kind advise.

Example: cut I/T fee, lifting charge, loading-out, inbond filing, DAD, in/out charge, w/h charge, ....


My company's CHI contracted warehouse does not collect loading out for our own clients. But while our shipments was co-loaded to business partners, their CHI contracted warehouse will charge us loading out charges. How can I solve this problem ?

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    Global Size NVO: Charge every thing by their own rules, not go to coop with all competitors generally.

    International Size NVO: Protect his own clients, flexible rules, but few favor for cooperators, they understand the culture of them each other.

    Localized NVO: Business-oriented pursuers, every thing is negotiable, no concrete rules to stop all kind of business. So, it will be most economic choices but no promise for other requirement perfect performance.

    Source(s): Yahoo!知識+ 的缺點就是不管說的是對是錯, 誰都可以發言, ... 讀者自己一定要慎選資訊, 以及循正確的管道去印證對錯.
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