Local Charges of IPI CFS

Being a smart US importer or professional consolidators,

( or you are familiar with the picking up cost ex. Warehouse in USA , )

Welcome share us your knowledge, highly appreciated ….

RE the IPI destination, i.e. Houston , Charlotte , Detroit , ….

What charges will importer pay to consolidator and CFS warehouse (container freight station) besides ocean freight, DDC, CAF, BAF, AC, Pier Pass , …. various surcharges and Document Transferring Fee (H/C), for FOB shipments to IPI ?

Example: cut I/T fee, lifting charge, loading-out, inbond filing, DAD, in/out charge, w/h charge, ....

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    Every consolidators do not charge customers Loading out and DAD, but those accessory charges have to be paid while the trucking company goes to pick up cargo in warehouse.

    In all IPI, these charges are definitely oriented towards W/H charges, not consolidators' issue. So, it is fair competition for IPI LCL service.

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