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Spybot Search & Destroy?

Im thinking of downloading Spybot Search & Destroy and Ive been looking at some of the questions people have asked about it. One of the answers to one of these questions was that they uninstall it everytime there not using it.

Do they mean like delete the program?

And why would they delete when their not using it?

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    The only thing I could think of is Spybot Search and Destroy has two resident protective features: the "SD Helper", and the "Tea Timer." The SD Helper immunizes your browser from accepting bad cookies and doesn't allow bad downloads; the Tea Timer monitors your registry for changes, and alerts you to every one. This can be quite annoying, and many people disable the Tea Timer for that reason.

    But I can't imagine any logical reason to uninstall/reinstall the program unless the person got a corrupted download, or was doing a process of elimination to see which program is causing a problem in his system.

    Edit: (in reference to above answerer) Spybot is an antispy only, with *no* antivirus ability.

    Also, the Tea Timer can be disabled... no need to uninstall.

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    Spybot is not an anti-virus software. It's designed to find anything fishy that's already on your computer and fix it. It also protects your registry with a program called Tea-Timer. If this important function is bugging you, it can be turned off without having to uninstall anything. If you want to download this program go to and look for the "freeware" section. It should be under "Security-Privacy" and then "Adware and Spyware Removal". I use it and have never had anything negative or even questionable happen with it. Spybot is freeware and is easy to use. It has a lot of options available to you so you can personalize for your needs. It's a great program and wholeheartedly recommend it.

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    Spybot is OK. Not the best freebie around, but OK. I have 2 problems with it. The main one is that it is updated not too fast. Some of spywares are added like month after I know of them and that's a bit lame. But for a general spyware remover its OK.

    Now second problem is minor one - I do not like their broad definition what is unwanted application. I wouldn't need to add lots of exceptions myself, but I do not like that policy.

    Probably thats one of reasons some uninstall it, as you might need to add exceptions to some quite legitimate sites to be able to visite them. And maybe, for some software as well.

    Teatimer is kinda annoying too, but heck, if you feel you are more secure with it, then you can keep it.

    For myself, I use superantispyware (free edition) for now +windows defender. Both work in vista as well, and has all i need.

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    Well, what was the person's question in the first place?

    By the way- I use Spybot myself, and let me tell you- it's probably better than most commercial spyware blockers out there, especially since it works flawlessly on Vista. And it's free- doesn't get any better than that!

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    Well spybot S&D is an antivirus that runs in your registry.... so it gets pretty annoying when it asks for permission overtime the registry is changed... which is all the time... and the only way to get it to stop asking is by uninstalling it, but since it is a great virus detector,, its pretty awesome to run it a couple of times before removing it..

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