I need help finding a good doctor that treats RSD in arizona?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This doctor was listed on the web link that I provided below for Arizona who are recommended by patients.



    Ronald E. Harbut MD, PhD

    Anesthesiology and Pain Management

    Lake Powell Medical Center

    P.O. Box 1625

    Page, AZ 86040-1625

    Office phone is: 928-645-8123


    Arizona Pain Specialists

    Dr. Paul J. Lynch

    21803 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 125

    Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255


    Most insurance plans including medicare and medicaid.

    Website - arizonapain.com


    Arizona Surgical Hospital

    Pain Medicine/Management

    Dr. Richard Reid

    6501 North 19th Avenue

    Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85015



    - Degenerative disc disease

    - Epidural lysis of adhesions

    - Headaches

    - Myofascial pain syndromes

    - RSD

    - Spine disorders of the cervical,

    thoracic and lumbar areas


    I hope these names can help you. If not, I'm sure that these doctors can refer you to someone closer to your area.

    Have a wonderful day and good luck!

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