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Delta or United ????

Ive only flown United (Ted) and i am fairly satisfied with their service with many flights. However, I have never flown Delta. So this brings me to my question......United or Delta???

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    To me they are about the same. Both are legacy carriers. However Delta did have more options for the free snacks they offered. I would see if there is a big difference in price; whether or not you have to make a connection somewhere and choose the airline that offers a direct flight; choose the airline that offers the most convenient flight time for you.

    I have a frequent flyer account with both Delta and United. I only fly Delta more often because they operate 90% of the flights out of Cincinnati so we have no choice. Whenever we fly United out of Cincinnati, the plane is pushed back on-time and then sits on the tarmac because Chicago O'Hare is having a delay. (The reason United pushes us out and has us sit on the tarmac is so the airline can say the flight departed the gate on-time).

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    from my personal experience.. i'd have to say United is the better pick.. never had a problem with United.. as for delta, i've flown with them 6 times and out of the six times, 3 of the flights were delayed..

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    Most US carriers were in such bad shape and with not much money to upgrade their aircraft. They both not good compare to many international carriers. Today and yesterday AA and DL grounded many of their flights by FAA due to aging aircraft maintain issues. There is now a major delays and cancellations at the airport for DL passengers. I have gotten quite many phone calls for help. It is really unfortunate and lets hope they can once again among the best in the world.

    My answer is fly the carrier with the best routing or best fare. United has most non-stop flight into Asia by far. Delta is getting stronger being the only US carrier fly non-stop into Prague, Budespest, Cairo, Aman and soon be able to fly to London with the new open sky regulation.

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    Delta Delta Delta!

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    Politically, you're better with United.

    Delta is anti-union and has a history of dirty tricks to undermine bringing in any unionization. They tell their employees that they're "one big happy family".

    I never fly Delta out of principal.

    Source(s): ex-Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies, both unionized!
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    DO NOT FLY UNITED. Even if Delta costs twice as much, don't fly United. (Not because Delta is so great, but because United is so terrible). I fly almost 100 times a year and refuse to fly United.

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    They are both great airlines. United takes more delays in and out of Chicago usually due to weather.

    I'd rather fly through Atlanta.

    Source(s): United Employee
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    delta better services

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