Heathens/Asatruars, Which 5 books have you learned the most from and insist no library should be without?

Excluding The Eddas and Sagas (assuming most already have/read these) which 5 religious study books have you learned the most from and insist should be in every Heathen library?

Here are mine in no particular order:

1) Road to Hel, Ellis-Davidson

2) Women in Old Norse Society, Jochens

3) The Way of the Heathen, Lord

4) Aspects of Anglo Saxon Magic, Grifiths

5) Dictonary of Northern Mythology, Simek


I agree with you Vlad... I stay far away from books published by Llewellyn.

Thank you Anthony and noddy t, my sentiments exactly RE: Thorson/Flowers.

Way to go above and beyond Anthony... I only asked for five, thanks! ; )

noddy t, Jochens has another book called Images of Women in Norse Society... I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I was very impressed. I will have to look for Monsters and the Critics, sounds good. Thanks! : )

HP, If you recall the title of that book by Patricia Lasomething let me know... wouldn't mind taking a peek. : )

Update 2:

TY Boar's Heart! I have Pollington's Mead Hall but still haven't made it all the way though... I've found it a very dry read. I LOVED Herbert's Peace Weavers and Shield Maidens, too bad it was such a quick read. I'll have to look for HRED's Roles of the Northern Goddess, I hate that her books are so hard to find (and expensive)... but they are SOO worth it! ; )

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    Stay away from books by "Eldred Thornson", his real name is Steven Flowers and he is really a "black magician" with The Temple of Set". Also stay away from "norse wiccans" as they are really wiccans and not Heathen. Run, don't walk, away from ANY book that speaks of the existance of "the blank rune" because that book is a fake and so is its author.

    Several of the following are on line at http: //www.pitt.edu/~dash/mythlinks.html:


    “THE PROSE EDDA”, Snori Sturluson, Translations by (each of the following) Jean I. Young, Anthony Faulkes, Rasmus Anderson and Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur.

    “THE YOUNGER EDDA” by Victor Rydberg (Translated by Rasmus B. Anderson), LL.D., 1897, Chicago by Scott, Foresman & Co.

    “RESEARCH IN TEUTONIC MYTHOLOGY” by Victor Rydberg (Translated with his permission by Rasmus B. Anderson) - Stockholm, November 20, 1887

    “THE POETIC EDDA”, Translations by (each) Henry Adams Bellows, Carolyne Larrington, F.G. Bergman, and Lee M. Hollander

    “POEMS OF THE ELDER EDDA”, Patricia Terry translation, University of Pennsylvania

    “THE EDDA OF SAEMUND”, Translated by A.S. Cottle, Bristol, 1797


    “THE CULT OF OTHIN”, by H. M. Chadwick, 1899

    “THE CULTURE OF THE TEUTONS”, by Vilhelm Gronbech, Humphrey Milford & Jespersen Og Pios Forlag, 1909/12 Denmark. Translated by W. Worster, 1931

    “THE NORSE MYTHS”, as retold by Devin Crossley-Holland pub by Pantheon Books of NY in 1980.

    “NORDIC RELIGIONS IN THE VIKING AGE”, by Thomas A. DuBois, pub by U. of Penn 1999

    “MYTHS OF THE NORSEMEN FROM THE EDDAS AND SAGAS”, by H. A. Guerber. pub. 1909 by George G. Harrap & Company, London

    “THE CHILDREN OF ODIN The Book of Northern Myths” by Padraic Colum, pub by Macmillian Company 1964

    “THE SAGA OF THE VOLSUNGS”, Tr. by Jesse L. Byock

    “THE ROAD TO HEL”, Hilda Roderick Ellis (same as H.R. Ellis Davidson)

    “MYTHS AND SYMBOLS IN PAGAN EUROPE”, H. R. Ellis Davidson, pub by Syracuse University Press, 1988

    “GODS AND MYTHS OF NORTHERN EUROPE”, H. R. Ellis Davidson pub by Penguin Books, 1964

    “SCANDINAVIAN MYTHOLOGY”, H. R. Ellis Davidson

    “ROLES OF THE NORTHERN GODDESS” by Hilda Ellis Davidson, pub by Routledge 1998

    “THE LOST BELIEFS OF NORTHERN EUROPE” by Hilde Ellis Davidson pub by Routledge 1993

    “GODS AND HEROES FROM VIKING MYTHOLOGY” by Brian Branston, pub by Peter Bedrick Books, 1978

    “NORSE GODS AND HEROES” by Morgan J. Roberts, Metro Books



    “THE DANISH HISTORY” Books I through IX by Saxo Grammaticus

    “TEN GREAT RELIGONS”, By James Freeman Clarke, DD, Pub Houghton Mifflin Co, NY & Boston 1899



    “EGIL’S SAGA”, Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards translation, 1976 Penguin Books

    “THE VINLAND SAGAS”, Magnus Magnusson and Herman Palsson Translation, 1965 Penguin Books

    “NJAL’S SAGA”, Magnus Magnusson and Herman Palsson Translation, 1960 Penguin Books

    “HRAFNKEL’S SAGA and Other Stories”, Hermann Palsson Translation, 1971 Penguin Books




    “SEVEN VIKING ROMANCES”, 1985 Penguin Books

    “THE NIBELUNGENLIED” Thomas Hatto Translation, 1965, Penguin Books

    “THE SAGA OF KING HROLF KRAKI”, Jesse L. Byock Translation, 1998 Penguin Books


    “THE VIKINGS”, by Else Roesdahl, pub 1998, Penguin Books

    “THE VIKINGS”, by James Graham-Campbell and Dafydd Kidd, pub by The British Museum, London & The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

    “THE NORSEMEN” by Count Eric Oxenstierna, translation by Catherine Hutter, copyright 1965 New York Graphic Society Publishers, Ltd., Greenwich, CT. Originally published in German under the title, DIE WIKINGER, Copyright 1959 by W. Kohlhammer Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany.

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    I agree with staying away from Mr Flowers for exactly the same reasons as Anthony gave; I would also steer clear of anyone who has used the name of a god for themselves.

    Books for learning runic characters; basically anything that is written for academic NOT religious purposes, so even a basic history book is good enough to learn how to write runes.

    The only way to learn about culture is through the sagas and archaeological reports.

    I really must read Jochens!

    JRR Tolkiens "The Monsters and The Critics" is an excellent set of essays about Anglo-Saxon language, culture and how they are protayed in Beowulf and other poetry, the appendices are the important parts for us Heathens.

    Beowulf is a must, as many translations as you can cope with and the original.

    Magnus Magnusson's "Icelandic Sagas" is a lovely book to own by the Portfolio Society, one of those books you just want (and the best gift I have ever received)

    Snorri Sturluson, Saxo Grammaticus and Tacitus are the keys to the past when coupled with good archaeological books.

    An Old Norse or Anglo-Saxon dictionary is pretty vital too.

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    For modoern authors, I like Swain Wodening, Yngona Desmond, Jenny Blaine, Diana Paxon, and Kvedulf Gundarsson. Any books or essays ( even the fiction) by those authors I find invaluable.

    Grimm's Teutonic Mythology is pretty amazing, however I have yet to find a copy in my price range...but some of it has been made available online here


    As far as turning my children on to the myths there is In the Morning of Time: The Story of the Norse God Balder by Cynthia King & Rune Marks by Joann Harris. Both are great reads that really grab the childrens attention.

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    Excluding the Eddas and Sagas, and avoiding modern "heathen primers" ENTIRELY . . . I'll go with:

    _Culture of the Teutons_, Vilhelm Gronbech.

    _The Well & The Tree_, Paul Bauschatz

    _The Mead Hall_, Stephen Pollington

    _Peace Weavers & Shield Maidens_, Kathleen Herbert

    _Roles of the Northern Goddess_, the incomparable HRED.

    There's LOTS more . . . but those are the top five as of, oh, this minute. *G*

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    Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe HRED

    Myths and Gods of Pagan Europe HRED

    Volsunga Saga (Loooooove that story)

    The Icelandic Sagas

    And then I have a book by Patricia Lasomething...oh that's awful since I have actually somewhat met the woman.... about Freyja that I really like. I can't think of what it's called. It's the only contemporary source I have really liked actually. I tend to gravitate toward the older texts or archeological texts.

    I've read three translations of Poetic and two of the Prose too. I am such a reading junkie

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    1. The Road to Bifrost vol. 5 http://www.thortrains.com/UncleThors/bookrtb.htm

    2. Myth and Religion of the North by E.O.G. Turville-Petre

    3. Teutonic Religion by Kveldulf Gundarsson

    4. The Rituals of Asatru


    5. Dictionary of Northern Mythology by Rudolf Simek

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    1) Teutonic Religion by Kveldulf Gundarsson

    2) anything by HR Ellis Davidson

    3) Our Troth, ed. K. Gundarsson

    4) Dictionary of Northern Mythology, Simek

    5) A Book of Troth, Edred Thorsson

    avoid: Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch and Norse Magic by DJ Conway - not worth the paper

    Source(s): Asatrur
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