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Can we close the PF account ourself without involving the company??


If someone has left the company without closing or transferring and wanted now to close that PF account(of course also withdraw the money). What is the procedure for that?

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    PF A/c is only closed when money is withdrawn from the acc. And it can happen when you leave the company.

    You should mention your full condition here so that you can get a proper answer. You can withdraw.

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  • 3 years ago

    definite you should close the account, yet be warned once you close up it the status on your record will tutor closed with the help of customer, it also will pull down your score from round 30-50 factors at the same time as you nonetheless carry a stability because, you presently owe money on a mastercard that has no longer some thing available because it truly is closed. credit status drops once you owe more beneficial than is on the marketplace on charge playing cards, so when you're making plans on paying for some thing in the close to destiny you're more beneficial off paying down as a lot as you may yet leaving the account open

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