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Out of the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB what sport do you love and hate the most? Why? And what state are you in?

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    I love the NHL. 82 games a season (not including post-season) with bruises, hits, and fights. It is fast-paced, and always interesting. But importantly, everybody does everything. A defensemen can score a goal, a winger can drop back and play D, and goalies can even get points. Also, Wayne Geretzky said it best with "If you can't skate, you can't play this game!"

    I hate the NFL. Let's have a season with less then 20 games, huge paychecks, more product placement then NASCAR, and call it a sport. I mean, do I really care what the "Offical Chicken of the Washington Redskins" is? They play once a week, but it takes up like 4/5ths of Sportcenter! And it seems like football players are always doing something illegal, like fighting dogs or shooting up strip clubs.

    And to top it off, they can't skate!

    I live in Maryland 15 minutes from DC.

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