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do USAA insurance company hand out check for repair?


I got into a car accident (not my fault). The damage came out to be $2500. Do USAA(my insurance company) give out checks if I request it so that I can do the repair myself? The truth is that damage is not that bad (passenger side). It's perfectly safe to drive but I need the money for college.

Anyone experienced anything similar??


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    I've used USAA and have had a couple accidents with them. They pay the repair place directly. They may reimburse you if you can show receipts. They will NOT pay you out right to get your car fixed.

    That is how they keep their costs down.

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    mbrcatz is correct...if you have a lien on the title, the insurance company will have to make the check payable to you and your lienholder. If you own it outright, you can take the check..... assuming you have collision coverage. But also note, if you just take the check and don't get it repaired, USAA will put a damage exclusion on your policy for the damages they're paying for. This means if you have another accident and have damage in the same area, they won't pay for it since they've already paid for it once.

    With money being tight for eveyone right now, I'm having more and more people wanting to take the money like you. It's actually very common.

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    If you have a loan on your car, they have to make the check payable to both you and the lender.

    Source(s): agent, 21+ years
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