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How often should you wash your hair?

I've heard it's very unhealthy to wash your hair everyday. I have very thick hair that gets oily fast though, therefore I wash it every other day. Does using a straightner and styling products effect how often you should wash? Do I wash my hair too often? By how often should I wash it, I mean shampoo and conditioner.

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    Every other day, your problem seems like you are using too much conditioner or products. Try switching to clarifying shampoos. If you must use conditioners apply conditioner at the shaft of the hair and NOT the roots.

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    Well i wash my hair usually every day and my hair is pretty thick. On top of that I curl my hair and/or straighten it a lot. My hair is fine!! I'd say just wash it every other day

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    its depends what you ethnicity is but typically about once every 2-3 days, try a 2 in 1 shampoo esp cauzz your oilly hair as long as your styling stuff isnt alot and really goopy it shouldnt effect how often you wash your hair

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    dont use a cheap brand of shampoo/conditioner, they make hari oily fast i have to use herbal essesence or garnier fructis, and i wash every other day, if you use hairspray, gel, mousse, etc. tehn you need to wash the night you used the products if you leave it in you can get dandruff, and don't use a lot of hair products it can make your hair oily also

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    They and Im not sure who they is, say every other day. If your use heat styling you should also use a heat protectant styling lotion. Also there are products that "de-oil" your do. But in a bind you can use a small amount of baby powder.

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    you shouldnt wash your hair daily cause it will dry out your hair and take its natural oils away... but if your hair is too greesy or oily than you have an excuse to wash it daily.. i think how you wash your hair every other day is just fine

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    I have the same problem, mine is thick and oily. I wash mine almost everyday but I don't always use conditioner. Also sometimes I use my body wash as a shampoo just for a change.

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    It isn't "very unhealthy" to wash it daily.

    It just depends what hair type you have.

    I have extremely oily hair, so I have to

    wash mine daily or I end up with really

    oily, gross hair. <3

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    wash it every day, but to prevent shampoos from stripping your natural oils away from your hair, and making oil glands larger, causing greasy hair, add a little bit of apple cidar vinegar to your shampoo. it neutralizes the pH of your scalp, and shrinks your oil glands to stop them from overacting, and also keeps your natural oils in place.

    it doesn't smell, the smell of the shampoo covers it. hope i helped!

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