your top 10 favourite bands and top 5 songs by each?


elliott smith

*a passing feeling

*2:45 am

*independence day


*condor ave


*paranoid android

*karma police

*15 step



death cab for cutie

*lack of color

*tiny vessels

*information travels faster

*spring break broke

*i will follow you into the dark

the postmarks

*winter spring summer fall

*whether the weather

*let go

*three little birds

*the end of the story

the like

*june gloom

*release me

*bridge to nowhere

*so i'll sit here waiting

mute math




*plan b


palace fires

*fear of falling


*let it go

*nothing comes close

*got no reason


*why don't you find out for yourself

*america is not the world

*first of the gang to die

*how could anyone possibly know how i feel

*let me kiss you

the ramones

*blitzkrieg bop

*i wanna be sedated

*judy is a punk

*rock n roll high school

*what a wonderful world (cover)



*bad dream

*broken toys


*walnut tree


everyone had such great music preferences, that i couldn't pick a BEST ANSWER!

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    10. Extreme-

    *"Am I Ever Gonna Change"

    * "Song For Love"

    * "Play With Me"

    * "Hole Hearted"

    * "More than Words"

    9. Pantera-

    * "Becoming"

    * "I'm Broken"

    * "Floods"

    * "Planet Caravan"

    * "This Love"

    8. Motley Crue-

    * "Don't Go Away Mad(Just Go Away)"

    * "Smokin' In the Boys Room"

    * "Dr. Feelgood"

    * "Without You"

    * "Home Sweet Home"

    7. Queensryche-

    * "I am I"

    * "Speak"

    * "Suite Sister Mary"

    * "Best I Can"

    * "Silent Lucidity"

    6. Van Halen-

    * "Eruption/You Really Got Me"

    * "Intruder/Oh, Pretty Woman"

    * "Love Walks In"

    * "Panama"

    * "Jump"

    5. Testament-

    * "Hypnosis"

    * "Sins Of Omission"

    * "Musical Death(A Dirge)"

    * "Return To Serenity"

    * "The Ballad"

    4. Alter Bridge-

    * "Break Me Down"

    * "Metalingus"

    * "Open Your Eyes"

    * "Before Tommorrow Comes"

    * "Rise Today"

    3. Linkin Park-

    * "Papercut"

    * "Point of Authority"

    * "In The End"

    * "Crawling"

    * "One Step Closer"

    2. Type O Negative-

    * Be My Druidess

    * Summer Breeze

    * Green Man

    * Black Sabbath

    * Christian Woman

    1. Metallica -

    * "Nothing Else Matters"

    * "One"

    * "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

    * "Master Of Puppets"

    * "Blackened"

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Collective Soul

    The World I Know


    No More, No Less


    Why Pt. 2

    2. Def Leppard


    Pour Some Sugar On Me

    Love Bites

    Long Long Way To Go


    3. Red

    Let Go


    Breathe Into Me

    Wasting Time


    4. Adema

    Giving In

    The Way You Like It

    Blame Me


    So Fortunate

    5. Breaking Benjamin



    So Cold

    Diary Of Jane

    Evil Angel

    6. Default

    Taking My Life Away

    Wasting My Time


    The Memory Will Never Die

    It Only Hurts

    7. Senses Fail

    The Priest And The Matador

    Can't Be Saved

    Calling All Cars


    The Rapture

    8. Revis


    Caught In The Rain

    Your Wall

    City Beneath

    Everything After

    9. Bullet For My Valentine

    Tears Don't Fall

    All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

    The End

    Room 409

    10 Years today

    10. Theory Of A Deadman

    No Surprise

    So Happy

    Say Goodbye

    Santa Monica

    Nothing Could Come Between Us

  • Evican
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    1 decade ago


    Ghost Love Score

    Pharoah Sails To Orion

    Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean


    Slaying The Dreamer



    Driven Away



    Keeping Nothing


    No Sympathy For Fools

    As Above So Below

    Slaves Shall Serve

    Antichristian Phenomenon

    At The Left Hand Ov God

    Old Man's Child:

    Return Of The Night Creatures

    Sacrifice Of Vengeance


    Twilight Damnation

    In Black Endless Void

    Children Of Bodom:

    Bodom After Midnight

    The Nail

    Hate Me!

    Towards Dead End

    Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood

    Dark Tranquillity:

    Ex Nihilo

    Lost To Apathy

    Nothing To No One


    Misery's Crown

    After Forever:


    Equally Drestuctive


    Forlorn Hope


    Virgin Black:

    Lamenting Kiss

    Opera De Romanci: I. Stare

    Opera De Romanci: II. Embrace

    Drink The Midnight Hymn



    Ghost Of Perdition

    The Baying Of The Hounds


    The Drapery Falls

    Black Rose Immortal


    I Am The Black Wizards

    Inno A Satana


    Thorns On My Grave

    Wrath Of The Tyrant

  • 1 decade ago

    Pink Floyd:

    Comfortably Numb

    Learning to Fly

    Brain Damage and Eclipse

    See Emily Play

    Julia Dream


    Mein Teil

    Ich Will


    Heirate Mich

    Du Riechst So Gut

    Guns N' Roses:



    Paradise City

    You Could be Mine

    Dust And Bones

    Black Sabbath:

    War Pigs (the version on the Ozzman Cometh)


    Planet Caravan

    Fairies Wear Boots

    Dirty Women


    Just Got Paid

    La Grange

    Planet of Women

    My Head's in Mississippi

    Got Me Under Pressure

    Deep Purple:

    Child in Time

    Highway Star

    Knockin' at Your Back Door

    Tomy Bolin's guitar solo on their Extended Versions album

    Black Knight

    Led Zeppelin:

    All of My Love


    The Immigrant Song

    How Many More Times

    Boogie with Stu


    Ich Will Dich (Forma Tadre Mix)

    Thorns (original)


    Wreath of Barbs

    Homo Gothikus Industrialis


    La Isla Bonita

    True Blue

    Like A Prayer

    Deeper and Deeper

    Nothing Really Matters

    Rob Zombie:

    House of 1000 Corpses

    Living Dead Girl


    Bring Her Down

    Spookshow Baby

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. KISS

    rock n roll all nite

    detroit rock city

    god of thunder

    shock me


    2. Offspring

    Have you ever

    Gone Away

    All i Want

    Jennifer Lost the War


    3. Guns N Roses

    Sweet Child O Mine

    Welcome to the jungle

    Paradise City

    Knockin on Heavens Dooe

    Live and let Die

    4. Van Halen


    You Really Got Me

    Hot for the Teacher


    Runnin With the devil

    5. Led Zeppelin


    Heart Breaker

    Immigrant song

    Moby Dick

    Whole Lotta Love

    6. ACDC

    highway to Hell


    Back in Black


    Hells Bells

    7. Black Sabbath

    Iron Man


    War Pigs

    Rat Salad


    8. ZZ Top

    Just Got Paid

    La Grange

    Sharp Dressed Man


    Rough Boy

    J9. imi Hendrix Experiance

    Purple Haze

    All Along the watchtower

    Hey Joe


    Red House

    10. Chili Peppers

    By the way



    Dani California

    Cant Stop


  • 1 decade ago

    #1 HIM

    1. Killing Loneliness

    2. The Funeral of Hearts

    3. Venus Doom

    4. Cyanide Sun

    5. Join Me In Death

    #2 The Beatles

    1. Strawberry Fields Forever

    2. She Loves You

    3. Ticket To Ride

    4. Yellow Submarine

    5. Elanor Rigby

    #3 Hawthorne Heights

    1. Decembers

    2. Ohio is for Lovers

    3. Saying Sorry

    4. Silver Bullet

    5. We Are So Last Year

    #4 The 69 Eyes

    1. Perfect Skin

    2. Lost Boys

    3. Never Say Die

    4. Feel Berlin

    5. Ghost

    #5 Alexisonfire

    1. Boiled Frogs

    2. To A Friend

    3. Rough Hands

    4. White Devil

    5. Accidents

    #6 Dragonforce

    1. Black Fire

    2. Revolution Deathsquad

    3. Fury of the Storm

    4. Operation Ground and Pound

    5. Through the Fire and Flames

    #7 Nirvana

    1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

    2. Rape Me

    3. Heart Shaped Box

    4. Come As You Are

    5. Polly

    #8 Metallica

    1. Master of Puppets

    2. Sanitarium

    3. One

    4. Whiplash

    5. Enter Sandman

    #9 The White Stripes

    1. The Denial Twist

    2. Seven Nation Army

    3. Conquest

    4. Fell In Love With A Girl

    5. We're Going to be Friends

    #10 My Chemical Romance

    1. I Don't Love You

    2. Helena

    3. Famous Last Words

    4. The Ghost of You

    5. Cementary Drive

  • 5 years ago

    In Descending order (songs too)

    10. Nirvana

    About a Girl

    Rape Me

    In Bloom

    Heart-Shaped Box

    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    9. Metallica

    Enter Sandman


    Disposable Heroes

    King Nothing

    Dyer's Eve

    8. Slayer

    War Ensemble


    World Painted Blood

    Raining Blood

    Seasons in the Abyss

    7. Killswitch Engage

    In Due Time

    End of Heartache

    Starting Over

    Holy Diver

    My Curse

    6. Megadeth

    Sweating Bullets

    Symphony of Destruction

    Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

    Sudden Death

    Peace Sells

    5. Pantera


    I'm Broken

    Cowboys From Hell

    Cemetery Gates


    4. Bring Me The Horizon

    Suicide Season

    Off the Heezay


    Shadow Moses

    Pray for Plagues

    3. Foo Fighters

    All My Life


    Stacked Actors

    Best of You

    The Pretender

    2. Lamb of God

    Laid to Rest


    Walk With Me in Hell

    Blacken the Cursed Sun

    Again We Rise

    1. Slipknot

    The Devil in I


    Wait and Bleed

    The Negative One


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Elliott Smith:

    - King's Crossing

    - Coast to Coast

    - Son of Sam

    - Pictures of Me

    - Amity

    Bright Eyes:

    - Ship in a Bottle

    - The Calendar Hung Itself

    - It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends

    - Make War

    - True Blue

    Regina Spektor:

    - Field Below

    - Apres Moi

    - Daniel Cowman

    - Oedipus

    - Carbon Monoxide

    Marilyn Manson:

    - The Fight Song

    - The Dope Show

    - Lunchbox

    - User Friendly

    - (s)AINT

    Senses Fail:

    - American Death

    - Still Searching

    - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

    - Irony of Dying on your Birthday

    - You're Cute When You Scream

    The Beatles:

    - I Want You (She's So Heavy)

    - Here Comes the Sun

    - Something

    - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

    - Rocky Raccoon

    Led Zeppelin:

    - All My Love

    - Kashmir

    - Black Dog

    - Rock and Roll

    - Stairway to Heaven

    She Wants Revenge:

    - I Don't Want to Fall in Love

    - Tear You Apart

    - True Romance

    - These Things

    - She Will Always Be A Broken Girl

    James Taylor:

    - Sweet Baby James

    - Steamroller

    - Country Road

    - Fire and Rain

    - Something in the Way She Moves


    - Wash Up, We're Having Company

    - Aye Julian

    - Godzilla vs. Rex Kwon Do in the [R]octagon

    - Machine Gun Baby

    - Smile Hats

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Band #1 -> My Chemical Romance

    5. Teenagers

    4. The Ghost of You

    3. Heaven Help us

    2. WTTBP

    1. Helena

    Band #2 -> Blink 182

    5. First Date

    4. Man Overboard

    3. I miss you

    2. What's my age again?

    1. Adam's song

    Band #3 -> Panic! At The Disco

    5. But it's better if you do

    4. I constantly thank God for Esteban

    3. Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

    2. I write sins not tragedies

    1. Nine in the afternoon (my MySpace song and call tone)

    Band # 4 -> Fall Out Boy

    5. Love will tear us apart

    4. Dance Dance

    3. Tnks fr th mmrs

    2. Sugar we're going down

    1. This ain't an scene, it's an arms race

    Band #5 -> Backstreet Boys

    5. Get another boyfriend

    4. 1000 promises

    3. Spanish eyes

    2. I want it that way

    1. All I have to give

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    1. Honor

    2. Blow

    3. Ex's and Oh's

    4. Becoming the Bull

    5. Slow Burn

    Led Zeppelin

    1. When The Levee Breaks

    2. Kashmir

    3. Stairway to Heaven

    4. Black Dog

    5. Rock and Roll

    Alice in Chains

    1. Would?

    2. Down in a Hole

    3. Heaven Beside You

    4. Got Me Wrong

    5. Rooster


    1. Wasted Time

    2. Shimmer

    3. Quarter

    4. Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

    5. Halos of the Son


    1. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    2. Fuel

    3. Bleeding Me

    4. Nothing Else Matters

    5. The Unforgiven II

    Whew...there's 5, 10 is a bit much haha

  • 1 decade ago


    Not What You Want

    Youth Decay

    Combat Rock

    Dig Me Out

    One Beat

    -The Cramps

    Zombie Dance

    I Was a Teenage Werewolf

    Love Me

    Save It

    She Said

    -The Beatles

    Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Hey Jude

    Get Back


    Strawberry Fields Forever

    -The Velvet Underground

    Femme Fatale

    I'll Be Your Mirror

    Candy Says

    Pale Blue Eyes

    Sunday Morning

    -Bikini Kill

    Suck My Left One


    Rebel Girl

    Bloody Ice Cream

    New Radio

    -The Doors

    Peace Frog

    When the Music's Over

    Roadhouse Blues

    Love Her Madly

    The End



    All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

    Rosegarden Funeral of Sores

    Third Uncle

    In the Flat Field

    -Violent Femmes

    American Music

    Kiss Off

    Prove My Love

    Gone Daddy Gone

    Blister in the Sun

    -The Gits

    While You're Twisting I'm Still Breathing

    Second Skin

    Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human

    Beauty of the Rose

    Kings & Queens


    New Age


    Ashtray Dirt

    When the Bomb Drops


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