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In the sims 2 castaway on ds, how do you make the boat???


PLEASE INCLUDE DETAILS! Walkthrough sites or cheat sites would be helpful!

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  • Lily
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    1 decade ago
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    There is a section near the chef or the doctor that has a fallen log by a stream. You go to that log and select Carve or something like that. It will take a couple of days to carve --- i.e., you go with full stats then carve then return to your shelter then go back and carve again.

    Once the boat is made you can put it in the water and go to the 3rd island. The log/boat is finicky --- have to have your Sim in just the right place so keep moving it around until you get an Action box to do something with the log/canoe.

    You need a specific tool to carve it (don't remember which one) but until you have it there will not be an option to carve.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Crafting station

    GameFAQs and IGN

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