Herod Antipas was the king of Israel during the time of Jesus' adulthood.?

since Jerusalem was located in what was known as the kingdom of Judah on the historical maps, who was the king of Judah insofar as the roman and israeli governments were concerned. all through the old testament, there were always two distinct kingdoms -- judah and israel -- was this still the case, or did herod consider himself king over both kingdoms?

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    Zedekiah was the last king of Judah, his name changed from Mattaniah to Zedekiah.

    Joseph, son of Heli and husband of the virgin Mary. His descent could be traced from David by a double line and thereby had the royal lineage.

    Since Jesus was not begotten by mortal man, his descent from David would, by necessity, be through his mother. Thus, when Mary came to earth, she was born into that royal lineage so she could transmit it to her son Jesus. That Mary was of Davidic descent is plainly set forth in the scriptures. Jesus was frequently addressed as “Son of David”; he did not disclaim that title.

    Paul made it clear that Jesus was of royal blood in his earthly lineage. To the Roman saints he wrote: “… Jesus Christ our Lord … was made of the seed of David according to the flesh.” (Rom. 1:3.) And to Timothy he said: “Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead.” (2 Tim. 2:8. See also Acts 13:22–23 and Acts 2:30.)

    That Joseph also was descended from David is likewise set forth in the New Testament, which states that Joseph was of Bethlehem and “of the house and lineage of David.” (Luke 2:4. See also Luke 1:27; Matt. 1:16, 20; Luke 3:23–31.)

    So Jesus, though not a blood descendant of Joseph, inherited legal status as a son of David through him.

    At that time, the Jews were ruled by Rome, and the rights of the royal Davidic family were not recognized. Herod, king of the Jews by Roman appointment, was not even an Israelite.

    “Had Judah been a free and independent nation, ruled by her rightful sovereign, Joseph the carpenter would have been her crowned king; and his lawful successor to the throne would have been Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” (Jesus the Christ, p. 87.)

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    Yes, it is confusing. There were several Herods over three generations mentioned in the New Testament.

    At the time of the Crucifixion the Herod you ask about was King of Galilee,the northern part of the Holy Land.The Romans had broken up Herod the Great's ( Herod Antipas' predecessor) united kingdom into smaller vassal nations to manage them better and keep them individually weak. Jerusalem was in the Roman Province of Judea and as such no longer had a king. It was governed by a representative of the Emperor, at that time Pontius Pilate. The reason Herod Antipas of Galilee got involved was that he happened to be in Jerusalem for Passover and Jesus being from Nazareth in Galilee was brought before him for judgment too.

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    There was no king of Judea when Jesus was crucified.

    Herod the great came into power thanks to the Romans. His will left the kingdom to three sons, but the Romans didn't let any of them have the title of King. Herod Antipasto was given Galilee and Perea. Phillip II was given Syria, and Herod Archeleaus was given Judea and Samaria. Archeleaus wasn't working out so they replaced him with a Governor. Pilate was the fifth of these and ruled Judea and Samaria at the time of the Cruxificion. That's why he passed sentence. After that, there were three more governors until Claudius reunited Israel under another Herod, Agrippa ( Nephew of Antipas), in 38 AD. In 39AD, Agrippa ratted Antipas out to Caligula as unfaithful who sent Atipas into exile in Gaul until his death.

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    According to scripture, it would seem that he was. However, it is not exactly clear to me whether Antipas or his deceased brother who was first married to Herodias, was the son that Herod the Great was trying to protect as heir to the throne of Israel by killing all the male babies born to get to Jesus, who was prophesied as the Messiah.

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    Was King Herod at the birth of Christ the same one that had John the Baptist beheaded

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