Does eating six small, healthy meals a day really help to lose weight??

...seems like a lot of eating.

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    Depending on what you eat in the meal it could help you lose weight. Eating more frequently throughout the day speeds up your metabolism. Your biggest meal should be breakfast and your smallest meal should be dinner but people tend to have it backwards. If you mix six small, healthy meals a day with exercise that should defiantly help you loose weight.

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    I'm not sure but do what i did and i went down 5 sizes so far

    Eat whenever you're hungry and eat what you want to eat not what you think you should. The trick is to eat slowly so you can realize when you're full. If you practically inhale your food you won't realize when you're full which will lead you to overeat. As soon as you even begin to think you're full STOP EATING. Then if it turns out you're hungry 15 minutes later then eat some more. Take a bite of food, put down the food or fork, chew it about 20 or so times and really concentrate on how the food tastes. You'll find that you get fuller a lot faster and you won't be able to finish all the food on your plate but you'll still be satisfied. Hope I helped you

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    It does help lose weight. Its not really alot to eat. You eat like a banana and some yogurt, then half a pbj, a glass of milk. Instead of having 3 large meals.

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    Yes, this does help you lose weight. Eating six times a day will help speed up your metabolism(how quickly your body digests food) and as a result you should lose weight.

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    VERY small closed palm size of chix breast and the rest of the plate FULLL of veggies...

    and yes it helps you lose weight because your metabolism is running harder when you eat little meals all day long....if your metabolism slooows down (from not eating frequently) then it's going to hold onto those fat cells even harder because your body thinks you're not getting enough energy (food) PLUS people tend to eat less when they don't let themselves get eating frequently you reduce your chance to binge from gettng real hungry

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    You're not suppossed to eat 6 whole meals, 3 should be snacks. And yes, it does help you loose weight by continously working your metabolism.

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    Yup it does I've been doing it the last two weeks and I've lost 5lbs so far, the smaller portions are way better for you, and yes it is alot of eating but it works, I always feel full, but they arent like meal meals, they are small things like half a sandwich, tuna, small salad, fruit stuff smaller. I have something small every two hours and its great so I'm staying with the plan. :)

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    Well the key is to eat the right foods in the right portion. I did this and lost 50pounds and am keeping it off. The point is to keep the blood sugar balanced, and the calories at the right level so the body will not be in starvation mode. It also works for all of the clients here at my work who lose between 15 and 30 pounds of FAT in 12 weeks while adding muscle.

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    I don't think so. I stick to 3, but snack on veggies between meals if you are hungry.

    Also only have 2 or 3 servings of grains a day, avoid bread and sugar, lots of veggies, lean meats not steak or anything.

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