How to become bonded liscence insured?

I am in Oregon and trying to start my own business. I am just out of high school though and have no clue what to do to get my liscence, which basically tells people that they can trust me/ hold me accountable if I were to be in their home.

Do I go through a background check? I'm sure I do but If anyone has had a similar experience or has their own business or this liscence I would appreciate it if you'd help me.

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    1 decade ago
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    Since you neglected to say what business you wish to start, we can't really answer that part of your question. Some businesses--contractor, beautician, etc- need coursework and to pass tests before they can be licensed. But if you are think about something like a lawncare or cleaning business, etc., check with your city or county (usually the clerk's office) and see if you need a business license or fictitious name license. They generally don't cost much-$25-$50, for 3-5 years.

    Insurance and bonding is done through insurance agents/companies. Call around and ask them questions and get quotes. If you are just starting out, don't let them talk you into a really high $ coverage-like $1 million. You don't need that much, unless you are in a business that damages, etc, could reach that amount.

    I hope this helps you alittle.

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