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Do you agree to PETA's belief that dairy products are non-vegetarian?

If yes, how?

I mean, no animal is being killed, then how can milk, cheese, fat etc. be non-vegetarian.

*No offensive answers please*


Very good and logical answers by all of you. Thanks for that. But it has got me thinking which one to declare best!


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    I am vegetarian and I eat so little eggs, cheese or milk that I am leaning toward vegan. I think many vegetarians do consume dairy products. I think the issue is that you are confusing vegetarian with vegan.

    I am not a member of PETA. I do agree with their cause, but I don't agree with their ways. When I do eat eggs, cheese or milk, it comes from the small farm of a neighbor across the road. I see how he treats his animals, and I've yet to see him mistreat any. I know that they planned on slaughtering one of their cows, and they backed out because none of them had the heart to do it after getting close to it day after day. I think that is the problem with the big farming industry that has taken farms away from farmers. It is even hard nowadays for a small farmer to make money from a corn crop.

    So I don't agree with PETA entirely on this issue, but I understand their point. I don't see where they have those exact words on their website, but they do have plenty of articles stating that it is morally wrong to support the abuse of dairy animals. I believe it depends on the person and where they get their dairy products.

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    cheese, eggs, milk, yoghurt etc are not vegetarian but they are vegan which are people who don't eat anything that comes off an animal. I think you are confused because Peta said they are non-vegetarian meaning not vegetarian. Some vegetarians eat fish and chicken too. Its the proper vegans who don't touch anything to do with animals. I remember when my mum lived on a farm at spring ridge and to get their you had to drive past the feedlot. I was STUNNED it looked liked kilometres of brown mountains but it was cows all so close together they can't move and then put on weight from lack of exercise. I was also there one year when the cows had given birth and straight away the calves were taken from them to be slaughtered. Those poor mothercows mooed and mooed all night for weeks it broke my heart and it made ME cry every night. They go through this year after year - give birth and taken away only to be studded again next year. It was a beautiful farm but a pity they made their money so cruelly. I'm not vegetarian but I really don't like meat that much anyway but I do love my milk and if we buy all these organic products I couldn't afford clothes. It'd be better if PETA could put some energy into price cutting and then more people would buy the organic products. By the way a lot of vegetarians have clothes made from hemp harming no animals except humans who smoke the best part.

    Source(s): I have a few vegearian friends and met plenty of vegans in Nimbin N.S.W. Australia. Hippie capital of down under and most restaurants are vegetarian and they do have some yummy food. A lot of arabic food is good for vegetarians.
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    Then there would no longer be a classification of vegetarian as far as they are concerned? A "real" vegetarian would have to be vegan?

    This is really getting old. When PETA started, I really thought they had a lot of balls and integrity. Now it seems they are a billion dollar terrorist organization with nude calendars. I guess that is what gets PETA members through the night, photos of women with fake looking breasts and lips that look like pontoon boats.

    No, I do not agree with this or anything else PETA does anymore.

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    I disagree with PETA trying to change the meaning of a well established definition. The UK vegetarian society coined the term in 1847, why go and change it now. It would only serve to confuse everyone further. I guess that's why we have sub-categories of vegetarianism, like ovo or lacto to more accurately describe particular diets. I have to agree with Aki, although the cows aren't killed during milking their natural life span is significantly reduced. Not to mention intensive dairy farming supports the veal industry, which *does* kill Calves. So long story short I think the current definition should be maintained and PETA or any organization would be wrong to try and change it.

    Source(s): Great answer Aki =)
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    PETA doesnt agree with animal products as they support the use of animals, they want a world were animals are free.

    One thing that I can think that makes PETA hypocrites is that they were clothes, clothes that are made from cotton, cotton is grown in fields that use alot of pestacides that kill animals, if they are organic farms they utilise animals to keep pets of the crops they also use organic pesticidies.

    It seems that the only thing that peta should be wearing is nothing.

    They also dont attck the silk industry, silk is made from silk worms that are killed for there cocoons. So silk is murder.

    So dont worry about what PETA says there all hypocrtyts.

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    No. I'm vegetarian but I don't really trust anything PETA says.

    But any offspring of the dairy cow that's male becomes veal...which is not vegetarian. However, if a cow is not milked their utters hurt and they're actually in pain. And I need milk anyway with my bone condition and I hate I'm gonna drink milk.

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    Depends where you buy your food i guess!

    I'm lucky...I have a farmers market down the road from me every saturday. (and I live in a city too) I can buy cheese, milk and eggs from the farmers directly, most of these are 'small' farms, which do this for a bit of extra money. They often have 'farming policies' put up, and they let you know if you want to eat their food or not :)

    But, some battery hens....the way you get eggs from them is so cruel, they don't live very long anyway (in the short life have, they suffer pretty badly. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

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    It all depends on how you define vegetarian. There are some people who are lacto-ovo, meaning that they will eat eggs and dairy products but no meat. The absence of dairy products from a diet, if all other animal-based products are removed as well, would make the consumer a vegan. Personally, I fell that consuming milk products does not go against a vegan way of life.

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    If milk is non-vegetarian, there will be no vegetarians in the world.

    Once a scholar said people must not eat Beef. Then somebody put an argument that if we can drink the milk of a cow, why can't we eat its meat.

    Then the scholar replied: All of us are drinking the milk of our mother, do we eat our.....................?

    I think now your dilemma to which answer you should select the Best Answer might be solved.

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    Yeah. Dairy cows get sent to slaughterhouses as soon as they are done producing, period. And that's the females lot in life. Males are used for veal and they get to live a pretty crappy life too. I live not to far from a dairy plant, and from those I've spoken too, it's not 100% pain free getting the milk either. But yes, they ultimatly get slaughtered.

    No kidding, if you buy dairy products you are indirectly supporting veal and that is extremly cruel.

    And yes I believe this involves vegans not vegetarians. There's also a lot better ways to get calcium in your body than milk, read about dairy, no good

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