What do the Rams need to improve their team?

All i hear is Oline & Dline... i feel we are pretty good there, so what do the rams need? another back up QB? A good #2 RB? a Great WR?? linebackers? Cornerbacks?

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    Ya team has to stay healthy. Ya had it clicking and inconsistency killed the rams when they went 8-8. They need to have orlando pac there which can boost th impact at the line. Rams set with QB with marc bulger and trent green, rb thy hav stephan jackson(who can run, have hands and gt yards), brian leonard, at WR they need super fast guy or someone who can creat plays and make a combo wr corp lik issac bruce n torry holt did. If the olin does great blocking the offense is set, no problem there. Rams have talent at dline but can draft glenn dorsey and they can add more pressure to take off pressure off the corners. The secondary at cornerback and safties killed ya. thy give up too much yards, ya can get a veteran DBs and add some rookies that should mak it better. On defense its all about the dline using heir talents to force turnovers, get sacks, and put pressure all game long

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    Yeah Go Rams!..yeah once they draft Glen D or C Long there D line will be good..but they are lacking backup RB and they just signed Trent Green to back up Marc B. They need some Linebackers...thats where they lack and alsoo safety!..and since they let go of Issac Bruce they need some young Wide recievers!..once they are healthy they can probably make the playoffs!...hopefully they let go of Scott Linehan!..he ruined there offense!..they have Marc,Steven,Torry on offense and they couldnt do anything with them.well they signed Al Saunders for an offensive coordinater so that should help!..so Rams will go 9-7 next year!..GO RAMS!

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    You just got Trent Green as a back up, you have good RB and a great WR.

    A CB would help, they should try and get DeAngelo Hall from the Falcons.

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    Rams need defesnive help bad, especially in their front four, and Dorsey will give them a difference-maker with the ability to make an early impact. .

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  • Carnac
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    1 decade ago

    Their O-line is not good and that is why they got killed last year. You have great skill players, so I would go with O-line, and then impact defensive players like a DE or a CB.

  • It's kind of like when you go to the mechanics shop because your having a funny, ticking noise that comes and goes.. then the next thing ya know nothing is working right on your car and the shop dude just tells you simply... "Yea, well, your just going to need a complete overhaul."

    That's what the Rams need.

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    22 players

  • I think they need a good defensive back, They should get either a trade, A free agent, Or draft one.

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    Bulger's got a good arm... I feel like they're just plodders.....no explosion. I think they need a crazy fast DE or a Playmaking hb/wr. They may be one draft pick away....

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    i think they need a good starting qb bulger is good no doubt but has a weak arm you need someone who can put the ball downfield better then we need some big linemen to give him time...and good dline to kill the opposition...

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