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why wrestling is an Olympic sport ??

In Ancient Greece wrestling was really developed into a sport, and was included in the Olympic Games in 704 bc.

but now a days it is not a part of Olympic sports, why ??


I hope you will STAR this question.


I mean WWE & TNA.

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    WWE is not a sport but rather a boring entertainment show. It's a scripted show that is predictable and the wrestling is lame. Original ECW for LIFE!

    Olympic sports are legit while fake wrestling is not.

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    Yes Wrestling is an Olympic sport; Greco Roman and Freestyle. A noble sport that should not be confused with that other sport which is the WWE. Again two different forms of entertainment.

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    Greco Roman and Freestyle wrestling have been in the Olympics for a long time and will for a long time to come. These events are not staged like tv wrestling, although the tv stuff would be much more fun to watch than the doggy style they do in Greco Roman!

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    It is included in the Olympics. Don't you remember Rulon Gardener defeating Alexander Corelan in Roman Grecko wrestling? It was a pinnacle Olympic moment. Sorry, all of that to say, it is still part of the Olympic games.

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    I thought Greco Roman wrestling was an Olympic sport I think you may need to check your sources again.

    And since this is in Wrestling category let us not forget Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal for wrestling

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    Actually...wrestling is still an Olympic sport.

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    It's still an Olympic sport, they wrestle in a circle, and the first one out or pinned, is out., but it is still in the Olympics

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    it has always been an olympic sport, in ancient greece it was one of the main events. I think they did it to prove strengh and agility at the same time, and wrestling is just that

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    Wrestling is an Olympic sport, where are you getting your info?

    WWE and TNA? Are you trying to be funny, or did all of that peroxide finally seep into your brain?

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    You need to do some research,real wrestling is in the Olympics.

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