What is up with me, Pisces?

I have Leo moon, venus in aquarius. Is that why people think I can be cocky. Im just very confident about myself, but I never look down on people. When I go out I like to look my very best, maybe that's part of leo.

What are my characteristics like?

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    you definitely are confident, and you crave attention from other people in order to be happy, some people may see you as a show off, because moon is the emotions, and you personality would be similar to a leo. but maybe your ascendant has a big role in what others think of you because, i know 2 people who have leo moon first is my bro, who is picses with leo moon and he is very shy to people due to his cancer rising but craves attention from family and friends and doesnt like to be ignored. same iwth my cuz hus a cancer with leo moon and she is still very shy and. i think its your ascendant because the leo moons i know don't look down on people. but my other bro is virgo woth capricorn moon and libra venus with aquarius rising and EVERYONE sees him as cocky and tooooo confident. your venus in aqua may have something as you may relate to people in a way that may feel too cold and detached.

    and if you like to look your best hey who doesn't!? i do, even though i don't have any leo or libra planets at all,its mostly scorpio, although my ceres is in libra, but i learnt this is because my sun conjuncts my venus and my venus conjucts my ascendant. it could be the same with you, if you get the aspects of the planets you may have your sun closely conjucting with your venus and that gives an aspect to wanting to look good and taking care of yourslef.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Overall you are a very unconventional pisces, but this is what I found for you on the internet!

    Leo moon personalities can be extremely stubborn. They have purpose, determination, and tenacity when it comes to getting what they want. Strongly idealistic, they are capable of great personal sacrifice for causes in which they passionately believe. Even when presented with irrefutable evidence that their idealism or loyalty has been misguided, they may find it difficult to move on. They are very assertive when it comes to protecting not only their own freedom but also the rights and freedom of others. They have a jealous nature, though they are not particularly possessive. When a romance ends, they are more apt to suffer from a wounded ego than a broken heart. They are likely to have artistic talent, or at least great interest in art, architecture, and design.

    Venus in Aquarius indicates an independent, non-traditional approach to romantic and social affairs. A magnetic, original, sparkling, glamorous and effervescent nature makes you socially popular, with many friends. You are likely to have a number of love affairs before considering marriage. When you do take the plunge it is likely that you choose a partner who is able to satisfy your need for intellectual stimulation, companionship and variety of experience. Your strong love of emotional freedom may cause some problems in your domestic life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Leo moon and venus in aquarius make you gregarious and more confident than a pisces usually is. It's great to be confident, so don't even worry about the haters that think you're cocky.

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    1 decade ago

    find out your rising sign.. that is the "face" you show to the world and pickup their charateristics..etc.

    your SUN SIGN= your soul/personality

    MOON = heart/emotional core

    RISING = physical self (* can be the mask to hide the real inner self)

    pisces are generally the "toddlers" of the zodiac (with aquarius being the babies)

    so , they whine.. nickname for pisces is."pissy pisces" when they dont get their way.. like a spoiled lil brat.

    feelings get hurt easily and they take it deeply.

    like the fish, they swim around around..never straight to their goals..

    also, the saying "drink like a fish" comes to mind for a pisces (and i know lots of those)

    so be careful not to drink so much.

    they build their worlds in their "castles in the sky" instead of more focus in the real world.

    romantics at heart.. they tend to be in love with love,esp. with this LEO influence.

    i could go on, but you get the point.

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