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Wedding Night: What are you wearing for the Hubs?


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    Wow that looks nice!!!! .

    You're gonna look sexy, he's goona take that of in 2 seconds if not rip it off you. LOL

    im the getting these 2 i know the rest of the honeymoon will be completely naked so the first 2 nights this is it

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    I have

    -a white lace shelf bra

    -a white lace garter belt holding up

    -a pair of white fishnet thigh highs

    -and a pair of white lace low rise thongs.

    Im actually wearing it all under my dress lol.

    Hes gonna pass out when I take the dress off to reveal all that.

  • Elsie
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    1 decade ago

    Cute! I love it!

    I wore a longer white spaghetti strap gown with some beading on it. It came with a sheer "robe". I took it on our honeymoon, too, but sadly I had gained too much weight to fit into it for our first anniversary.

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    I don't know yet. I'm thinking a white corset and some pretty white lacy panties. Or maybe a white baby doll nightie.

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    I'm not wearing anything special. I'm on a lot of heavy medication that makes me fall asleep by 8/9 pm anyway, so he'll just have to wait till the AM. :)

    Good luck, and Congratulations!

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  • Sarah
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    Sexy white lingerie to start, and then my birthday suit for the rest of the night.

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    I wore something very similar! A white teddy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats pretty. i like this one item in victorias secret but they've changed the damn catalogue.

  • Anonymous
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