Ikariam question?

Is Ikariam an online game or just a single player game

and what do u do in that game,it looks like a Strategy Game,but do u fight against someone or just make ur own little town?

and is it free-2-play?


btw... do people play the game if its a Online,Multiplayer

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    It's an online browser game where you build your own cities, but interaction with others is critical to your success. You begin with a nearly empty city on an island which you share with other player's cities. Everybody on the island shares several resource generators, such as a Mill (for wood) and another for special resources (Wine, Marble, Sulphur, Crystal). You allocate workers from your town into these workplaces in order to generate resources. Meanwhile, unemployed civilians will generate gold in your city. Later, you'll need to employ ways to keep your people happy (i.e. serving Wine in Taverns and staffing Museums).

    You begin by constructing basic buildings such as the Academy (research unlocks various buildings and bonuses) or the Barracks (to train soldiers later). Certain players may decide to raid and loot your city, so Warehouses can be built to prevent major looting of your resources. To get ahead in the world, you need to expand by building colonies on other islands. Each island has one special resource (i.e. your starting island might only produce Wood and Marble), so you should invest in colonizing other islands with resources you need. You can also raid other player's cities for loot, although you'll need an army to do this and there may be diplomatic implications for starting wars. You may also form alliances with other players later in the game.

    That's a spotty and basic overview. Ikariam is styled like a singleplayer game, but you need to interact with other players a lot in order to do well. For example, you need cargo ships from a Port and a Trading Post to trade with other cities. If you need Marble but your island only produces Wine, then you need to check your Trading Post for offers you can afford.

    Do note that Ikariam is in its beta stages, so there are still a number of tech issues going on. Don't expect to become too involved in the game, because building and researching can take a long time after a while. You might need to wait hours or even longer than days to complete certain research or upgrades! It's definitely a game that you need to leave and come back to at later times. There are many beta-related issues that currently lack solutions, so expect a few annoyances.

    I highly recommend you read the FAQ and browse the forums for advice, as a beginner will need a lot of guidance. The game is free, but don't expect an easy ride. And they only allow you to use one account, so be aware that they ban players who break this rule!

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