Spiritually speaking...Do you feel having hope and a good attitude is one key to a happy life?

This is one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein:

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning."

Do you feel these traits are important? Re: the "not to stop questioning." Does this also pertain to religious beliefs?


Many thanks to all who have answered!

((Bear Man)), ((Ecter)) & ((Vader)) I can always count on you!!

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    Hope deferred makes a heart sick- PROVERBS- so it depends on where or who your hope is in- It is grounded in a job, a spouse, a friend, another family member anything other than Jesus Christ - hope can disappoint- but if our hope is in nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness- then we will have more than a happy life, because Happiness comes from "happenings"- we will have an abundant and joy filled life. Jesus is alive- so our hope is built on that fact. Asking questions is great- God loves someone that wants to continue to learn- however if we put our hope in the knowledge we may receive , instead of the wisdom of placing our hope in Christ and Christ alone- then we have a problem.

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    I think it is an essential component to maintain my hope and move about with a 'good attitude', not just so I have a happy life, but as that type of perspective and behavior impacts the whole place. I really appreciate it in others. And I do believe it is what I am also 'instructed' to do in my Godwalk.

    Einstein's quote is one I've always liked. If God were any less than God is I would stay, stop questioning, or you will find the chink. But God is up to any questioning. Religious beliefs (rituals & rites) should be questioned, as humans all too often fall 'short of the mark' (sin) in how we carry out or interpret God's word. It's part of our 'finding our way back home' that keeps us ever questioning and questing. Way to go Al. My aunt knew and worked with him. Lots of people will quote him as not believing. He firmly believed in God, just not God in a box. And his view was that religions put God in a box. But there are no quotes on this.

    I also think that this quote of his applies to us in regards to our political choices as well as what's in the packaged item we will be going to be ingesting, to why the medical procedure has to be performed and how, etc. Helps keep us 'on track' as a group, and not milling about willy nilly like empty headed sheep who spook at the first noise and follow their none too bright leader over the nearest cliff out of fear.

    Thanks for keeping on with your Qs :)

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    I would describe myself as pessimistic, but only through years of being disappointed. I would guess the good attitude would come from being secure and content in your life, rather than the other way around.

    I suppose 'looking with hope for tomorrow' would be a good way to live, but the future's kind of scary sometimes.

    Also questioning everything turns you into a nervous wreck.

    wait, no sorry, I depressed your whole question... I'm just in a bad mood.

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    Hi Chickie, Attitude is THE key to a happy life. I'm a glass is half full kind of Bear. Laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry and you cry alone. Question everything, make your decision and run with it. But always be open to change if you find a better way down the road. GRRRRRRRRRRRR


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    I think your attitude is incredibly important. If you continually expect bad things to happen, you will find them. If you look on the bright side, those "bad" things will either become invisible or much less prominent to you.

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    Yes, I think they are important. As for questioning, Einstein was brilliant in part because he was not only willing to question, but to entertain ideas nobody else seemed to think were worthwhile or even possible.


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    A smile on your face, Hope in your heart, Christ in your life, what more do you need?

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    yes rebel & eat your veggies fruits

    live to 100

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    Absolutely to everything.

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