Do Idaho Potatoes really have more potassium than a banana?

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    Any type of baked potato has more potassium than a banana. It's been proven in a study of different foods and their benefits. You can check it out on google if you want to verify that the potato has more potassium.

    Here's the breakdown to include some other foods in this:

    Baked potato, with skin, 1 medium (844mg)

    Avocado, 1/2 medium (742mg)

    White beans, canned, 1/2 cup (595mg)

    Yogurt, fat-free, plain, 8 oz (579mg)

    Tomato juice, 1 cup (535mg)

    Orange juice, fresh, 1 cup (496mg)

    Cantaloupe, diced, 1 cup (482mg)

    One large banana contains about 487mg of potassium, which is only 14% of the DRI (Daily Required Intake) of 4,000mg. This means I need to eat 7 or 8 large bananas each day to reach the daily recommended allowance of potassium, if my only source was bananas.

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    Potassium In Potatoes

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    Do Idaho Potatoes really have more potassium than a banana?

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    Apricots, dried Avocados, raw Bananas, raw Beets, cooked Brussel sprouts, cooked Cantaloupe Dates, dry Figs, dry Kiwi fruit, raw Lima beans Melons, honeydew Milk, fat free or skim Nectarines Orange juice Oranges Pears (fresh) Peanuts dry roasted, unsalted Potatoes, baked, Prune juice Prunes, dried Raisins Spinach, cooked Tomato products, canned sauce Winter squash Yogurt plain, skim milk

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    Yes definitely!

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    Twice the amount, I have heard!

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