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What current next generation wrestler has the most potential to become big?

by next generation im talking the 2nd and 3rd generation guys.

this does not include randy orton since he has already made it big.

im talking guys like cody rhodes, dh smith, the dibiase boys and many more who are currently training.

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    Good question.

    Reid Flair tops my list.

    He's already in FCW, he's a great wrestler, and his dad is Ric Flair! When your dad is the greatest wrestler of all-time, and a legend in the business, you could easily make it big.

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    I haven't seen the Dibiase boys, but I like Cody Rhodes' potential. He's already got the gifts to be one of the great in-ring competitors of his time. He just needs some more time to mature and figure out his personality. I think if he can be half as good on the mic as Dusty is, there should be nothing stopping him from being a multi-time World champion.

    I don't like DH Smith. He has way too much of a baby face. I don't think he has the personality to make it. I saw him selling in that Cena/Orton vs. Raw match a few weeks ago, and he had some of the worst pained facial expressions I have ever seen. He oversold it too much.

    Of the ones I have seen, Cody Rhodes looks like he has unlimited potential. I think DH Smith will be at best a midcarder, Teddy Hart will never amount to anything because of his attitude, and I'll have to wait and see any other potential 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers before I form an opinion on them.

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    I would go with Cody Rhodes and DH Smith

    Cody is already a World Tag Team Champion with Hardcore Holly, so they want to make him big in the company, with all the stuff with Orton and Dusty last summer. The problem is that the WWE likes to have large muscular athletes (250+) at their main event status, like Batista, Triple H, Cena, Taker. Nothing wrong with Cody, but he is just small. DH Smith though has a great suplexing ability and if used correctly he could be an impact in the business. Both have a long, rich wrestling family linage, and I am excited to see their bright careers.

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    Cody Rhodes and DH Smith would provide youth and tradition with them. They have the history with their father's legacy already established in the wrestling world, with their last name. The yshould provide the new blood and talent which wrestling lacks right now. Hopefully they will be the face of the WWE and make wrestling even bigger.

    Cena at this time is the biggest draw in wrestling. He packs the arenas and he sells the most merchandise. I do not like that it is like this, but it is true. WWE is riding on Cena to keep it alive much like Hulk Hogan, HBK, The Rock, and Stone Cold have done in the past. If not Cena, who else has the mass appeal that he possesses to make the WWE running strong?

    That is why they need these talented and young wrestlers with history on their side. Their names along bring intrigue. Hopefully the can make it big and put the company on their shoulders and make an impact on the wrestling world.

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    I have to go Mike and Ted DiBiase.

    For one thing... they've got some of the best wrestling blood in the business. While unfortunately, they can't claim being blood related to "Iron" Mike DiBiase ("Iron" Mike adopted the Million Dollar Man), Ted DiBiase, Sr. is much greater than most people give him credit for. Put aside the fact that he is one of, if not THE greatest heel of all time... his matches in the WWF, NWA, and Japan are completely underrated.

    More importantly, however... both Mike (II) and Ted (Jr.) were schooled by one of the greatest wrestlers in history... Harley Race. They attended Harley's school, and given how close Harley was to Ted, Sr. (and Mike... almost saved Mike's life in the ring), Harley trained them personally.

    So considering they'll get the best in-ring training available (from Harley Race) and tips from one of the greatest mic guys in history (Ted Dibiase), there's a good chance that those two will be incredibly well-rounded and entertaining superstars.

    Compare that to Cody Rhodes (trained by Dusty and Al Snow... in-ring skills could falter) or DH Smith (trained mostly by his father, including the sterroid part), and I see the DiBiase's going much further. I have REALLY high hopes for them.

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    I thought afa jr. he was on espn a few years back when he played college and prior to the drug violation, he seemed to have 'it'. now like dh smith he will lose some push over a mistake. I'm going to say nattie neidhart actually as she can come in and challege Beth phoenix right away, so for her its an easier road, less roadbumps. as for cody rhodes, I personally don't see it with him as a face, he just seems like a heel waiting to happen, maybe then I would consider him. dh smith is being tried out as a heel at house shows in wisconsin against val venis, I don't see that going well unless he gets a program with hbk, who could put him over major even by beating him due to shawn and harrys fathers history. snuka jr is deuce right? I don't see him doing much, he has no charisma and isn't a great fluid wrestler, he wasn't even a consideration for me.

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    Hard choice! We have:

    Eddie Colon

    Cody Rhodes

    DH Smith

    The DiBiase brothers


    Afa Jr

    Nattie Neidhart

    My choice is DH Smith!

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    My experience with a lot of the newer generation is limited. But I've been paying attention to Cody Rhodes (mostly because he's being mentored by Hardcore Holly, one of my favorites). Cody has the heart and desire and I can see improvements in his ring work seemingly each time I see him. His confidence level is also rising. He's turning into a solid wrestler. And he's a good-looking kid (obviously takes after his mama).

    Now, if he can just find a personality, he'd be well on his way to becoming "big".

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    Cody Rhodes or DH Smith if he cleans up his act.

  • I'm Hoping thses Next Generation Stars:

    Joe Hennig

    John Milton,jr.

    Harry Smth

    Teddy Smith

    Nattie Neidhart

    Ted Dibase,jr.

    Mike Dibiase

    Peter Maivia jr.

    Jimmy Snuka jr.

    Afa jr.

    Joe Anoa'i


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    well if it wasnt for his drug violation....i would say DH smith ... he is possibly the most talented mat wrestler in the WWE and has a bright future if he doesnt screw up again. if you saw his matche sn heat lately against other underrated talents like santino marella and brian kendrick and local jobbers

    another would be Eddie Colón, he is a great new talent, and inmy opinion has a bit more talent than carlito ...also he has a lot more passion for the business than carlito

    Afa Jr is a great new wrestler with a lot of talent and at a very good age of 23 ... too bad he is currently suspended from FCW because of drugs

    Ted DiBiase, Jr. is a great new chain wrestler and a great submission artist

    also i would say teddy hart but he has screwed up with the WWE so we might never know

    good question


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