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my dog eating feces?

how can i stop my dog from eating feces?my male dog eats my famale dogs feces,i want 2 make him stop because the kids play with him and the dog usually try's 2 lick them in the face!

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    if there is corn in a dogs food, they WILL eat their poop. try something with out corn, their tummies can digest it and it comes out the way it came in. also it could because he isnt getting all the nutrients and he is eating his poop in hopes of getting it.

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    There's no real rhyme or reason as to why dogs eat feces. You can try meat tenderizer on your pet's food--this is supposed to make the feces "undesirable" but it doesn't always work.

    The best way to stop your pet from eating feces is pick up the feces right way.

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    The pets are not getting enough nutrients. Make sure you have them on a "good" dog food. Royal Cainine, Science Diet, Iams...

    Also pet stores sell a product you can give to the dog so they won't do this, but once you start you'll probably have to continue to do so forever.

    I've also heard of feeding them pineapple and when they reingest it through the feces it tastes really bad and that will curb their nasty habit. (may be worth a try)

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    Sometimes they will outgrow this and other times they won't.

    You can try a product called 'Forbid'. You purchase it at your vet and sprinkle it on their food. It is supposed to make it taste bad, not the food, but the feces. You have to sprinkle it on all the individual dog's food. A little $$ but when it works it's great! Worked like a charm on one dog, slowed down the second dog but she has returned to her evil ways. So, you just gotta pick it up!

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  • usually when a dog eats poop it means it does not have enough nutrients or just isn't getting enough, i recommend buying some good dog food with the rigth amount of nutrients for the dog, or discipline the dog until it stops, pick up the poop before the dog gets to it or spray the dog with water when it tries to get to the poop

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    My oldest use to do that too. Eat her poop and that of her two sisters even though I tried to pick it up whenever they went. I checked with the vet and he gave me a powder to mix in with the dogs wet/dry food. It was suppose to make the poop taste terrible. I did that for 3 days and the oldest stopped eating poop. Yipee Was I ever glad. Check with your vet about the powder.

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    It is normal for dogs to eat each others poop. Just clean it up as soon as u see the dog take a crap. Then u wont have to deal with it!

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    The pet store sells a book on dogs behavior,this is in it.It tells you how to get a handle on it.Go to your local pet store tell them what is happening.Pet Smart sells this book.

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    LOL my dog did that too..

    i asked the vet about it and he said we can't really stop them from doing that... but he said to check pet stores to see if they have some kind of repellent for it...

    Good Luck!

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    my dogs both used to do that but eventually outgrew the nasty habit, just try to pick up quickly after them, and just wait it out, dont rehome your dog because of it it will get better!! good luck!

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