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Who is MORE at fault for negative Stereotypes?

The stereotyper OR the people keeping the stereotype alive?


Would this stereotype exist if it wasn't for the LOADS of women who FIT the stereotype?

If 8 out of 10 women I meet are overly emotional and irrational... what will happen when I meet a new woman I don't know? Wont I use the "probability factor" and assume she is more likely to be overly emotional than not?

In this situation.. who is at fault for the negative stereotype? The LOADS of women keeping it alive.. or the loads of men going off of personal experience and the "probability factor"?


"Djuna" Feminists are the ones who assigned that to be a "negative" stereotype. Feminist pretty much think everything "feminine" is negative.

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    Generally speaking ,generalities are generally true.

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    So you start with a generalization that women think with their emotions and by doing so exclude that there can be other factors such as logic also being considered.

    You then add the words overly and irrational which didn't form your initial stereotype at all and of course add that this is negative.

    You are entirely at fault for this negative stereotype because it doesn't exist except in your head.

    Instead of saying women (just) think with their emotions, I would say we have a great capacity to think compared with men that also enables us to consider emotions as well as logic.

    If I generalize that most men think with the thing inside their pants would that be less true?

    If I assume this applies to 8/10 guys and then meet a guy should I assume he is also going to be some macho moron who thinks from his crotch and judgements are clouded by raging hormones in his testosterone flooded body?

    Or am I more capable of not making such generalizations because I am a woman?


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    I think it is the people who keep the stereotypes alive that make it more negative. It is like racism....hate is taught at home. If we teach our daughters that all we have to do is cry to get our way and we teach our sons that beating the crap out of people will give you respect we are the ones doing damage and keeping the cycle going. There are many people on both sides of the gender that are overly emotional and irrational. But it seems like it is wrong to say it is fine if a woman is that way and not a guy. I think it is really harmful to say that men aren't supposed to show their emotions. It is not fair to say the least.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not only is the fault of the believer, it is their flaw as well. It's one thing to accept there may be a stereotype, it's another thing to believe in it so much that you make predictions based on it. People who believe in stereotypes never look for the individal character in people, and so are easy to fool. If you take all women to be emotional, all a woman has to do to hide her true character from you is to be emotional. Whereas, if you take each person as you find them, you may think her emotionalism didn't really match her character, and maybe there was something more going on. Plus, people can change, would you change your stereotype if you didn't meet any emotional women for a year?

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  • Expressing emotion and "thinking with emotion" are two entirely different things.

    If you think that 8 out of 10 women are "irrational", who's being irrational, you, or them?

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  • Power
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    I don't fault others with anything. They don't think for me. If I agree with someone fine but if I don't they have no power over me. I think we see 'loads' of peaple who appear a certain way because we are focused on that. The same as if we think about yellow volkswagons all of a sudden we see them everywhere. So a sterotyper cans say whatever they want that doesn't mean anything to me.

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  • Junie
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    1 decade ago

    The problem seems to be that you find the average woman to be more emotional, and therefore, irrational. Not everyone is disappointed that women don't act more like men.

    You should assume that most women will act like women, not like men with breasts. Whether you consider this to be a negative stereotype or biological reality probably depends simply on how much you like women as a whole.

    Stereotyping is a component of human intelligence - i.e., "don't eat the red berries that grow over there" after watching someone die from it in the past. If you have come to the conclusion that an entire gender is not worthwhile, that's your problem. Perhaps you should consider celibacy or homosexuality.

    EDIT: I am not a feminist. I think that men and women are deliciously different.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the case of people applying the stereotype to people that they don't apply to, then it is the fault of the person using the stereo type

    As for the existence of stereo types, i like to blame the people who keep them alive. For example:

    Stereo type: Black men are violent

    People to blame: people who promote and support the gang violence subcultures, pop stars like 50 cent, and Idolized thug sports stars like Pacman

    edit- also included would bbe the media who focuses primarily on the negative things black people do

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The ones who are doing the stereotypical activities are at fault - we wouldn't have so many stereotypes if there weren't a reason!

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  • 1 decade ago



    A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image.

    stereotypes are harmful and should not be confused with personal knowledge.

    black woman does not equal crack whore

    mexican does not equal welfare recipient

    feminist does not equal communist

    asian does not equal bad driver

    get a grip dude and come to terms with whatever event in your life made you this way, please. for the good of mankind i beg you...

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