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Name one difference between America and Britain?

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    accent. tomato for instance: American (to-may-tow), British (to-mah-toh).

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    I am going 2 name lots, since I don't know which ones have been done already!


    Drive on different sides of the road

    Britain has a Queen

    America has more pollution

    Britain is smaller

    Shakespeare was born in Britain

    I live in Britain

    America use the $, Britain use the £

    America calls crisps "Potato Chips", and chips "French Fries"

    Source(s): There are so many more, but it would take me hours 2 list them all! :)
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      Brits are stupid and voluntarily give free money to an idiot called a queen, while there citizens suffer, cold and clammy year round, food had no flavor, but at least they gave us james bond , he is better off over here lol

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    Thankfully, Britain isn't full of americans, no one like americans!

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    America has Taco Bell... we don't!

    And America didn't give us The Beatles... we gave them the Beatles! They're from Liverpool... a city in England

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    Dentistry visits U.S. Every 6 months Brits never

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    America's goverment sucks and the Brits live under royalty!

    Source(s): God save the queen!
    • bryan_q
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      The America president has way more power than the British monarchy.

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    land size

    population size and makeup

    weather options

    accents and spelling of certain words

    type of government

    time the countries have existed

    sports preferences



    social norms


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    Style Sense...



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    I have a feeling this going to get messy, so I'll be nice on this one occasion. Britain has a royal family........for our sins....oh bollocks!! I tried!!

    I luv Him So Much: And America isnt!!?? LMFAO!! You stole your country!! HA HA HA HA!!

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    America drives on the right side of the road

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