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English or Afrikaans in South Africa?

What language in South Africa contains the best swear words, English or Afrikaans? Which of the two are the most descriptive?


i wonder who are these dooskoppe giving my answerers TD's. I hope you know that I am not such a blou kalkoen d...s.

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    AFRIKAANS! No doubt about it! Anybody that says anything different has never heard nor understood the language (which is a pity for them but a joy for me). Afrikaans is exceptionally creative, and the swear words so ingenious that even the people that are being sworn at sometimes find it hard not to grin (or be tremendously insulted)

    Afrikaans by far is more descriptive!

    Being sworn at in English normally boils down to a pathetic 'F U' (no spectators laugh)

    English swearing always sounds rotten, ugly and crude.

    In Afrikaans! Your head is still spinning hours later (all spectators laugh).

    Afrikaans swearing tends to leave one giggling unless one was in the firing line.

    In terms of swear words; one can always find an English equivalent in Afrikaans; but it is more difficult (near to impossible) to find an Afrikaans equivalent in English.

    Say pumpkin in English. NOW say it in Afrikaans! A totally different feeling hmm?

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    Afrikaans Swear Words

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    This Site Might Help You.


    English or Afrikaans in South Africa?

    What language in South Africa contains the best swear words, English or Afrikaans? Which of the two are the most descriptive?

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    Yes, its never a waste to learn a language. The vast majority of whites speak both English and Afrikaans - some better than others of course. Until recently a pass in both languages were required to graduate from high school. The "split" between white English and Afrikaans mother tongue speakers is roughly 60/40 overall but there is considerable variation geographically, socially and by economic sector. The "aspirational" language is English. All schools offer it. Even though the matriculation standards specify "any two" of SA's 11 official languages, English is inevitably chosen as one of them. Meanwhile the number of schools offering Afrikaans as a subject are declining as Afrikaans medium schools (as well as colleges and universities) are put under enormous pressure to introduce other languages. Among black South Africans there is a very strong shift away from Afrikaans toward English as a second (even third, fourth or fifth) language. This shift began in the 1970's but was "delayed" by the necessity to understand the "bosses" under Apartheid. It became stigmatised as the "language of the opressor". With the Afrikaner's loss of political hegemony the necessity to know the language for political purposes has dissapeared, hence the shift towards English.

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    Swearing in Afrikaans definitely comes across as more agressive and meaningful.

    Vocabulary wise I would estimate them to be equal.

    For mild cursing Afrikaans is certainly the better, with words like poephol and bliksem.

    Actually Afrikaans is better for swearing all round, I changed my mind while some words were popping into my head.

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    In my opinion the English swear words sound more vulgar, maybe its because i am English, but i think the Afrikaans swear words are more specific and descriptive because there are a lot more Afrikaans swear words available to use than in English.

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    Afrikaans is a wonderful vloektaal. There are words that are so descriptive and can be used so insultingly, there is nothing compativie in English. And the Kaapse taal (skollietaal) is even better! The English words are better known all over the world.

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    Afrikaans definitely - somehow the word with more or less the same meaning in English does not sound quite like swearing as it does when you use it in Afrikaans, like the word kak or in English s.h.i.t - not so bad in English at all but you tell a boer jy praat kak and boy oh boy you have kak

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    I'd say English but I'd they sound better in Afrikaans.

    I personally love the way swear words sound in Afrikaans!! :) hehe

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    Lise, I think Afrikaans, it is very funny to hear a cape coloured swearing in Afrikaans..It so descriptive, and I would say funny. English swear words are overused, and boring....

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