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Christians: What just happened??

Apology ahead for being so long =P

So I have been short on money and kind of worried if my check was coming in before school was gonna deduct so much out of my account and how I was gonna be late on my monthly rent (even though I know the people and they don't mind). My car just hit the 250k mark and I'm just about finished paying it off but not yet. Still money is getting really tight. I tith my church but not always in 10% (tith means tenth actually. little history for ya =P) because I feel we can greater spread God's Word and it helps the church out. Anyways, I usually never pray for God to help me out financially because it makes me feel selfish in a way but I did the other day. I was at church and had virtually no money to give and didn't give but still prayed.

So today I'm in line at Bojangles and I get there 2 sausage and egg biscuits cuz they have a deal on them and I hand them my 10% off card and they're like "We can't take that on special offers like this."


And I'm complaining in my head because of what...18 cents? I need to get over it. So I get my food and change. When I went to put my change in my pocket I felt money. Yay…I was happy. But when I pulled it out it was a little thicker than I thought. 55 bucks! Woah. I was stoked. What kind of idiot would leave $55 in his pants? I don’t remember doing that and I’m pretty sure I didn’t. If I did then that is a huge coincidence that that happened but I know God answers prayers.

That might not be enough to buy me a better car, pay all my rent, or pay the rest of school off, but it was enough to show me that God answers prayers. Christians: Do you agree?

Update 2:

It's ok that the non-believers take this as ridiculous statements...I've prayed over my transmission before and somehow it "magically" repaired itself ;) Ima wink at the Christians because we know better.

Update 3:

"Why would god give some spoiled brat 50 quid and leave others to starve?" - Wanna play a game with no rules?

Wow. Seems like you have a lot of hostility towards a God you don't believe in. Why?

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    hey! Charity starts at home! take care of yourself, or ask the church you go to for some money back! You supported them, now it's their turn!

    about the biscuit issue... look at the card for any disclaimers, if none there, raise hell with manager, make a scene! and rob the condiments section as well as the toilet paper!

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    Of coarse anyone who believes on Jesus Christ is a Christian. Not just concerning homosexuals, but even any continuing sin, such a sinner not seeking deliverance is not a "standing" Christian. They are not continuing as a disciple. They should be marked and avoided, because they are dwelling in idolatry. Judging someone is having a "final judgement" against someone, not calling something for what it is and acting accordingly.Following the scriptures accurately is a dynamic matter to what ever specific given situation in detail. Its a many books of information to follow as an entirety. Homosexuality can be one of the most difficult subjects to be best informed of what to do in situations, because of the nature of homosexuality. It not worse than any other sin, but its of a nature that represents the nature of sin in its entirety. In other words, for a person to be delivered of it can involve a very wide range, the widest range of issues even possible to a human being. Be good toward all men(people). That doesn't mean you have to fix everything, when you don't even yourself yet know how, or when someone doesn't even want it fixed. There's little reason to hang out with people if your life is not benefiting them or them yours.. Its not to reject or hate, more so to direct your life to accomplish the most good, you should just stay away from them unless you know how to get them delivered specifically in detail that person, and they want to be delivered. However, if by chance encounter, be good to them.. If it somehow can benefit them unto deliverance, great, if not, there are 7 billion people in the world that can use assistance in life. Very few of them are gay. I didn't say "cut them off". that's not what I said at all. I said "mark and avoid" the Bible teaches it. You give people the space to grow sometimes without it hurting anyone. Sometimes that is very necessary. Sometimes it can be even dangerous considering not homosexuality, but even any sin, especially associated with continuing or strong disobedience and idolatry if you don't put a safe distance between you and a persons sin..

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    Oh, I agree for sure. It's so odd that I found this question, today of all days. I experienced something very similar only an hour ago. "Strapped for cash" doesn't even begin to describe the situation my family has been in for the last few weeks. I've been going crazy trying to keep everything held together after my husband got laid off due to lack of work in the construction industry. He found an awesome job, and got hired, but the job is in Charlotte, NC, which is about six hours from where I live. Our plan was for him to go to work there, then the kids and I could move there this summer. The only problem was how he was going to make it financially for the first couple of weeks until he got his first paycheck. We figured he'd need about $1000 to go on, but we don't have $2.00 at this point. Needless to say, I've been doing some heavy praying. Then, this morning, the FA department at my school called me out of the blue (which is something that never happens, I usually have to leave ten voice mails just to get them to return a call) to let me know that I had an unexpected refund check for $2359! They're going to mail it tomorrow, and my husband can take the job. I just thank God so much for letting this happen. It's so great to have a story like this to share. God bless you!

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    God has provided for his people even when they were disobedient. Just ask the children of Israel throughout their desert experience. Should we think any different. God always meets our needs but not always our wants. For our needs are necessary where our wants are not.

    God says you have not because you ask not and at the same time he says he knows what you have need of before you ask. That's God and when you figure him out let me know for I have tried for many years and still when I think I have figured him out he trows me a curve and I am right back where I started.

    So I have learned in whatsoever state, circumstance or situation I find myself to be content for God is in control. I just rest in his ever loving and supportive arms and watch the salvation of the Lord.

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    Popart, you are so Blessed!

    Not only do you 'know' the Lord, but you rely on Him - and it would seem you are an obedient daughter of his.

    He has given you what I call a big 'God wink',

    Yes it's tough at times, and sometimes it feels like 'God please give me a break, when is it going to end?',

    BUT GOD always comes through for His children!

    ..and Gods wink, was just to say He is smiling at you and knows, hears and feels all your going through, but also will meet your need, in His way and His time!

    Thanks again Poppy for encouraging believers who too are doing it tough, well as giving the ~smile~ GodsTruth to non believers!

    You are a darl and know how much you are loved by Him and your family 'in Him' :-D

    God also answered a longtime prayer of mine today.

    A very desperate need that had been on-going for a couple of years now, since the house fire 23rd of April' 06.

    I am so elated and bursting with ..? Something one cannot name!

    I'll either mail it to you or put it up on here.



    Source(s): Matthew 3:9 NLT God can change these stones here into children of Abraham.
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    Praise God! He is a God of miracles even today!

    Just a piece of advice:

    Don't get angry about the scoffers. Pray for them! They have never had the opportunity to experience what every true believer has had happen so many times!

    They truly believe that they are right, and from their dark and lonely point of view, they are. It is so sad!

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    This has happened to me more times than i can count, but then i am a bit older than you.

    I have also prayed for my car that wouldn't start, run the battery down, and then prayer, only to have it to start and run like a champ.

    on top of that I had my eyes prayed for in 1979 after wearing glasses for 20 years, and had my eyes healed, now 29 years later I am still without glassed, and can see perfectly.

    so let the scoffers explain that one.

    Source(s): jcms
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    God sends us down a path everyday. Could God have "poofed" our terms of course that money their? Why of course He can do all things. Was that money there all this time? Probably. Put there by you not remembering it. God knew at that time you did not need the money and you would at another time. He is in control and He takes care of all of His children. He works in ways we just dont understand. He presents Himself in all situations of our life. He does these things to remind us He is with us always. God Bless and Peace out.........

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    May our wonderful Lord just continue to bless you with what you need in order to continue on the path you have chosen. God is a miracle Worker, never doubt Him !

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    Yes, we serve a great God. Your problem is you didn't pray soon enough. God is interested in the details of our lives. Do you have to pray about it so He'll know? Of course not. He has the hairs on your head counted. He just wants to hear your perspective on things and hear you voice a need for Him. When we recognize that we are dependent on Him for all our needs and provisions, then He has our permission to operate in our lives. He doesn't intrude unless He's welcome. "You have not because you don't ask". "Pray about all things". God has planned good things for all His children and waits for us to call on His Name. Glory to God, our Father and Redeemer. Praise His Holy Name and rejoice in the workings of His love.

  • Yay! Forgotten money! I love it when that happens, but I wouldn't credit God for it. I go through old birthday cards from when I was a kid and family members still stuck money in them for me, and almost every time, I come across at least $5. I found $50 once that way.

    Now THIS is cool. I got my 3 yr old a rainbow-sprinkle donut this morning, and felt like getting myself a coffee and breakfast sandwish. I go through the drive through and hand them my bank card, which wouldn't go through either as credit card or debit card because their lines were down. I had no cash on me, so I apologized to the manager and said I couldn't take the breakfast since I had no way to pay for it. He told me not to worry, and handed me my coffee and breakfast and said "enjoy your day!" I feel like I'm up $6 and I'm going to use that money toward donating food to our local food bank.

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