why is informed consent important?

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    Informed consent is important to make sure you understand EXACTLY what is going to happen. It's so that, when you go in to have surgery, and the doctor tells you that loss of appetite might be a side effect of your surgery- and you sign that paper, you can't come back later and say, "But I didn't know, and now I'm suing you!"

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    why is informed consent important?

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    Because you can't just get someone to agree to something without disclosing all of the information pertaining to that agreement. If I ask you to go to the store for me and pick up a few things, and you say yes, you will - but then I say I need $500 worth of grocieries... that might change your mind, huh? Well, if you've signed a contract saying you'll go to the store and buy me what I need, well... you're out of luck.

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    why is informed consent is important

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    can a patient consent to a procedure and then withdraw it?

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