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folding bikes or mountain bikes?

hey :)) should i buy a folding bike or a mountain bike? Is there some type of "folding mountain bike" out there? and what are the pros and cons? where can i buy a good quality mountain/folding bike here in manila? please answer these questions, i need this for my decision:)) thanks!


i am not a fat round jovial person

Update 2:

how about pros and cons of the folding?

Update 3:

so carrying a folded bike is about as good as carying a bike with no wheels? is it that easy to remove wheels?

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    bieng a large rotund fat jovial person... a folding bike just doesn't sound sturdy enough... buy a mountain bike... with lever release tires, for easier transportation when required...

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    u should get a mountain bike "not folding" because:

    1. the frame will not buckle in tricky situations

    2. the frame will be able to withstand bumps better

    3. more upgrades are available

    4. cross country can be done with mountain bikes

    5. downhill biking can be done with mountain bikes

    6. They are more all around because of mentioned above, and can be used for daily riding

    7. Carbon fiber frames are lighter


    1. heavy

    2. frame usually has suspension which wastes energy by absorbing it

    hope it helps. i'd prefer the mountain bike but if u really want a folding bike get the birdy l.m

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    Why do you need a folding bike? They're waste of time. After you take the wheels off a normal bike, they both come to about the same size anyway.

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    £2 hundred could are turning out to be you an appropriate hybrid folder or an appropriate mountain motorbike, the two 2d-hand, yet no longer a folding mountain motorbike. they seem to be a rarer beast (even though it form of feels that there is so few appropriate folding mountain motorcycles, in case you do get a "appropriate" one it is going to be ). besides, the intense season for folding motorcycles seems to have exceeded now that everybody's out of school and carried out advertising their delivery motorcycles. If it unquestionably unquestionably has to fold, look for a folder with deep tread on the tires and desire for the final. in case you could cannibalize a appropriate mountain motorbike for all the different aspects, and could get the value of a bike construct right down to £a hundred or so, you've the flexibility to fulfill your standards. See ingredients.

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    Folding is road use only. There are some claimed folding mountain bikes, but they are always compromised and won't ride as well, withstand hard riding as a proper mtb. They are also likely to be somewhat heavier, price for price.

    It really depends on what your intended usage is and what you're prepared to spend.

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