Best coastal city to live in.?


I am a young guy looking to move to a coastal city with my boyfriend. I don't drive but he does. So public transport is an issue. I like large cities and am open to all suggestions but prefer the east coast. I just desire to be near the ocean in a warmer climate. Where should I move?

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    There is no perfect place but there are certainly some places that are better than others. There aren't many truly large cities along the warmer southeast U.S. coast with the exception of a few Florida cities and Virginia Beach. South Carolina is nice. If you like an amusement park like atmosphere with plenty of golf courses, Myrtle Beach is the place to be. If you like charm, beauty and history, Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina are for the more reserved of us.

    You can search for yourself by checking Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live by state at the link below. Enter the state, then click on any town or city for its demographics, recreation, crime rates, etc. The only thing it doesn’t break out in the list is those cities and towns that are located on the water but a map is provided after you click on a town. Start with Virginia although Virginia is hardly warm in the winter. Virginia has Virginia Beach which is the largest resort city in the country. Work your way down the coast to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and then Florida.

    I hope you find your best coastal city!

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    To echo off of Walkman above. it truly is Imperial sea coast in San Diego. This position is quite amazing except that it truly is 5 miles from Mexico. You awaken in the morning and be conscious 3 people rising from the sea wearing abode Depot aprons wearing fins. pass ascertain. it truly is a sea coast community it truly is many cases a lot less intense priced than everywhere else in southern California. it truly is a cheap sea coast community so the colleges are literally not large. ESL is on website. it truly is Minfluenced with the help of Mexico so definite there are gangs. in spite of the undeniable fact that the realm is small so there is no longer a intense earnings for gangs like in l. a. or SD or SF. base line is pressure down there. Get a realtor. Do walk throughs. walk the neighborhoods. talk with skill associates, THEN make a range. okie dokie?

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    Seattle (West Coast)

    Cape Cod (East Coast)

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    Somewhere between Viginia Beach and Atlantic city.

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