i got the east and the west with me lyrics~~!!!?

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    Mistah F.A.B. New Oakland Lyrics

    [Mistah F.A.B.]

    Yea yeah yeah look a man

    It's yo boy Fabby Davis Jr.

    of the mac pac man

    Yea I'm saying

    And uhh ****** be hatin on the town mane

    So what I did put together the bosses from there area so

    We can really show how this **** go mane

    Look uh


    I got North got the East got the West with me

    So I suggest you ****** don't mess wit me

    So ***** be cool cause you don't wanna squad 'em

    We could do the fool but you want no problems

    Put that on something I put that on fathers

    I put that on something I put that on mammas

    I put that on something I put that on grandcedas

    You run up on me GET YOUR MAN BEAT UP!

    [Mistah F.A.B.]

    bush ride, gas kill, 6 dueces, golden ville

    ***** its TREAL, homeboy tell you how it feel

    high off purple, ohh we thizzin off a pill

    You think we square, we polar bears

    we doubt it if you want it but tha solja's hear

    fabby davis is the prince of the O

    the freestyle king man and everybody know

    and uhh I izz

    down with thizz

    reppin the bay but you know its town bidz

    my side is what chu forget about and thats what I'm hot about

    ****** that be hatin but pimpin thats not what its about

    its about gettin money gettin close to a mill

    so I got my ****** from the Coast and the VILLE

    you already know so don't ask what it do

    scraper full of rippas when you see us slidin through



    we savin it ain't never havin it

    You better run in the club when we grabbin it

    cause we townin, my ****** stay clownin

    36 roundin, my ****** go down AND

    You gotta know where I'm from like ROBERT D

    or like FELIX WAYNE or like LIL DEE

    I'm from the V I DOUBLE L A G E

    You must be dat phantom dumb if you ain't heard of me

    we stack rice through tha hood like Yest?

    rollin through the north and the west but I reps that east

    when I'm throwin up my hood they mistakin for peace

    cause I'm 2 finger straighted cause I'm so OG

    and I'm rarely in the club cause I'm so low key

    but I'm all through these streets like it

    Don't know me if wasn't for the hood what would I be

    Another average ************ but I'll never Be a sucka



    ****** wanna eat what I eat

    wanna take my plate but I'm BAVGATE king of the golden state *****

    I'm a g like khakis and corduroy

    I'ma be Mob boy no DOY

    all black pack TOYS I ain't goofy leroy

    yea I set the decoy

    to jack you boy

    and you don't want beef ill spray ya convoy

    tryna see me ill take you down boy

    I'm from the west where Huey P.Newton from

    Bashs To AutoBans the feds thinking I'm taliban 4 *****'s snitched on me

    like a telathon, shittt

    bavgate right here back with the tommy gun

    and I'm accurate homie like a And 1


    [Mistah F.A.B.]

    yea y'all know mane you see there you have it

    Town Bidness act fullest mane North East West OakLand Mane

    y'all herd yadda booboo E A ski A Big Cuzzin Thank You for the Beat

    mane know what I'm saying yea We ***** Wit It YEEE YEE

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    East To West Lyrics

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