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Nintendo ds lite Touch Screen?

When i shine some lights on to a nintendo ds lite touch screen i see these little small dots roll by roll what is this ?


when the ds is closed and the ds is new

Update 2:

Hmmm dude no when i play in a room with light and the ds is turned off i still see these small dots on the touch screen my other ds doesnt have this what is this

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    The DS is not designed to be exposed to huge amounts of light. The touch screen is better to be played in the dark. Try lowering the backlight on the DS Control Panel and try to keep it out of direct sunlight, direct room lights (playing it rightunder a light). etc.


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    There's nothing wrong with your ds. Put simply, it's a grid of sensors. I'm assuming your other ds is a fat ds? Those didn't have it (as far as I recall) and used a different way. Like I said, nothing to worry about :)

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  • 3 years ago

    Is there a splash black dot during the exhibit? If there is it can be a lifeless pixel this happend to mine and that i merely took it lower back to the save and that they swapped it. it could reason the writing to pass somewhat humorous and sumtimes no longer press the place it relatively is.

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