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內容關於考試 例如(do you pass all subjects? no,i have fail a subject . )


i am 13 my name is kenny i live in macau

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    Have you submitted your homework?

    No, I have not.


    Did your teacher punish you?

    Yes and she ordered me to copy the School Rules 10 times.


    Is it required very long time to complete it?

    Yes, I think it takes at lest 5 hours.


    Have you completed the assignment of punishment?

    No, I hate to do it.


    Did your teacher know that you have not done it?

    Yes and she was very angry.


    What was going on?

    She executed pandy and I got 10 strikes on my palm.


    Any more?

    She also complained it to my mother.


    What happened?

    My mother was extreme angry.


    Then, what did your mother do?

    She took me home and said she would teach me a lesson seriously.


    How was that?

    She ordered me to take out the thickest twin cane which has not been used over two years.


    What did you do then?

    I was very hesitated to do that.


    Have you obeyed her order lastly?

    Yes, because she said I would get double punishment if I do not take out the cane immediately.


    Did your mother execute punishment without any delay?




    She asked me to put off all of my clothes first.


    Is it because that she wanted you to get the most painful and shy?

    Yes, she said she has no alternative and I will not be good I am not being punished like that.


    What did actually happen?

    I laid down over her knee and got spanking.


    How much was that?

    I got fifty times of spanking on my buttocks.


    Did the punishment finished?

    No. She asked me to promise I will be good otherwise I would have another fifty strikes. Absolutely, I have to promise without alternative.


    What did you feel?

    I felt extreme painful and hot on my buttocks. I also feel that who holds the cane that gets the power.


    Have you been good now?

    No, but I learnt that I should not let others know if I have not done the homework.

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    1.what is you name? My name is kenny.

    2.how old are you? I am13 years old.

    3.where do you live? I am live in macau.

    4.what are you like?I like read the book.

    Sorry.....I can,t help you

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    1. do you think that you can handle the test ?

    yes, I can

    2. do you think that you will pass all the test ?

    i'm not sure, but i will try my best

    3. do you cheat on the test?

    no, i dont

    4. what is the subject you choose on the test?

    well, I choose XXXXon the test

    5. do you think that is fair during the test?

    yes, i think so

    6. was there any students copy your answers?

    well, i dont know, because i was concentrate on the test

    7. did you see any students cheating during the test?


    8. how many percent you think you will get on the test?

    i think i will get 80% on the test

    9. do you think the test is easier than last semester?

    no really

    10. do you have any question about the test?

    no, i dont

    諗到咁多咋, 唔知幫唔幫到你呀!

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    How are you going today?

    I am fine , Thank you~.

    Have you done all your answer?

    Yes, I am .

    Do you think this exam is diffcult for you?

    No, I don't think so / Yes , it is diffcult for me.

    Do you have any pets at home?

    No, i don't / Yes. I have a dog at home.

    Do your brother studying in this school?

    Yes, his name is ... / No, he is not studying this school/ No, i don't have any brother study in this school.

    Do you feel tired after this examnation ?

    Yes..., i feel a bit tired... / No , i don't feel tired .

    Did you feel nervious in this exam?

    Yes, I'm a bit nervious/ No , i don't .

    What is your favourite subject?

    My favourite subject is English.

    Have you pass this all the subject?

    No, i just fail one of them. Yes , i am..

    Do you think you can pass this exam comfortable?

    (yes) ~~> I think so , (no) i don't think so.

    My name is ...., I live in ..., I have two brother/ a sister..., now i am thirdteen years old , i don't have any pets at home, my mom is very kind to me.....

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    Do you think that you can improve your fail subject in future?

    I think so , i will improve that subject everyday after school.

    Which instrument you can play?Is it well ?

    I can play piano .. I have play it for 5 years.../No , i haven't play any instrument .

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    Do you like basketball?

    Yes, i am / No , i can't

    Have you ever get full marks at school before ?

    Yes , i have get full marks at school once/twice/three times... or No , i haven't get full marks,because it is really hard for me at that moment.

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    Hopefuly, i think i can help you , if you have any English question,

    you can send e-mail to me : jonlamking@hotmail.com ^^

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    Q:What is your name ?

    A:My name is Kenny.

    Q:When do you have exams in Macau?


    Q:Do you think the exam is easy?

    A:No, i don't think so.

    Q:Do you pass all subjects?

    A:No,i have fail a subject .

    Q:Which subject did you failed?

    A:I failed in.....

    Q:Did you studied very often?


    Q:Do you think you have parpeared well?


    Q:What do you think about your over-all result?

    A:It is good/It is very bad

    Q:How would you improved it next time?

    A:I will....

    Q:During revision, did you have any difficulty?


    Q:How did you solve the problems?

    A:I asked my friends to help me .

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    Q.1Do you know who to do this? A:I am sorry,i don't know.

    Q.2How can i know more information about the marks? A:You can call the hotline

    Q.3Do you know what the moral of\A Snake with Legs/? A:I don't know.

    Q.4What subject do you fail? A:I fail the English.

    Q.5Do you think this exam is too difficult of us? A.Yes.

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    Q1:What is your favourite sudject ?Why?

    A1:My favoutive sudject is English,because.....

    Q2:You have some idea for English writing?Why this idea?

    A2:I think you can have a title about theirself.....

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    1.Do you feel the test is diffcult?

    No,I don't thing so.

    2.Have you do your (re read tion)at home?

    Yes,I have.








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    Have you copy your classmates' answer?

    No, I haven't.

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