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古代5大姓氏-文 的英文翻譯 (10分)!!!


系承姬氏 家世背景光彩






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    Wen: Is receives Ji family background background brilliance Wen is the enlightened emperor week , the past surname scholars all already textually researched clearly, everybody recognized the candidly conclusion, "Passed a book record take Custom" as the representative. In the book is writes like this: "The week concubine's child, take as." So-called is multitudious, is Xu Wenshu. In other words, Wen family not only has a Wan Shigong Qin to be outstanding is surnamed the first ancestor, simultaneously, races to the source, they or the Yellow Emperor shaft professional female entertainer were surnamed the descendants, the family background background really are the brilliance extremely. Family background noble, performance more remarkable, as early as before 23,000 years, week this descendants, established for the entire family have been lofty. Cancels like the Spring and Autumn Period treads the duplicate country's the big person who has rendered meritorious service type of document, then is the most remarkable example. To Song Dynasty, "the world had the healthy tendency, is mixed however bestows on the manifold... ... " The collection world healthy tendency to body Wen Tianxiang, does not need to say was is familiar with for the for generations posterity. This national hero life is indomitable spirit great fact. According to "Song History" the record, approximately is such: Jishui (now Jiangxi Province Jishui County) person, character Song Switzerland, also the character shoe is friendly, number Wenshan. When principle ancestor, lifts the successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations first, knows Ganzhou. Germany at the beginning of, a Yuan soldier invades, the day auspicious sends in the county bold to be outstanding and the brook mountain barbarian, receives orders from the emperor Emperor Qinwang, does obeisance right prime minister. enters Yuan Jun to negotiate peace, is held, to Zhenjiang, the night escapes, goes through many places to

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