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Caslon Foundry

William Caslon founded the Caslon Foundry at around 1720, which became the leading English typefoundry of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

After the death of William Caslon I, his son William Caslon II took over the Caslon Foundry business, which lasted until William Caslon IV sold the foundry to Blake, Garnett & Co. In 1792, William Caslon III sold his share of Caslon Foundry to his mother and his sister-in-law, the widow of his brother Henry. In the same year, William Caslon III purchased the Salisbury Square foundry from the recently deceased Joseph Jackson, and renamed it to Caslon & Son. In 1807, Caslon & Son was passed to William Caslon IV. In 1819, William Caslon IV sold the Caslon & Son to the new Sheffield foundry of Blake, Garnett & Co. In 1837, the Caslon Foundry became the property of Stephenson, Blake & Co. The family of William Caslon III's sister-in-law kept the main Caslon foundry running until 1937, when Stephenson Blake acquired the remaining H.W. Caslon & Sons foundry.

------Caslon is a family of serif typefaces designed by William Caslon I (1692–1766). His earliest design dates to 1734. Caslon is cited to be the first original typeface of English origin, but some type historians point out the close similarity of Caslon's design to the Dutch Fell types [4].

Caslon shares the irregular characteristic of Venetian ("antiqua") and Dutch Baroque types. It is characterized by short ascenders and descenders, bracketed serifs, moderately-high contrast, robust texture, and moderate modulation of stroke.


The A has a concave hollow at the apex, the G is without a spur. Caslon italic has a rhythmic calligraphic stoke. Characters A, V, and W have an acute slant. In Caslon 540 and 471 the lowercase italic p, q, v, w, and z all have a suggestion of a swash.

Update 2:

The Caslon types were distributed throughout the British Empire, including British North America. Much of the decayed appearance of early American printing is thought to be due to oxidation caused by long exposure to seawater during transport from England to the Americas.

Update 3:

Caslon's types were immediately successful and used in many historic documents, including the U.S. Declaration of Independence. After William Caslon I’s death the use of his types diminished, but saw a revival between 1840–80 as a part of the British Arts and Crafts movement.

Update 4:

The Caslon design is still widely used today. For many years a common rule of thumb of printers and typesetters was to "set it in Caslon" if no font was specified.

Update 5:

Recent digital versions were produced by Adobe and H.W. Caslon & Company. Their "Founders Caslon" closely follows William Caslon's original design, with the addition of "ct" and "st" ligatures not found in the original.請別全部用翻譯機翻譯,謝謝!!!麻煩了!!!

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    Caslon 鑄造廠

    William Caslon 在1720 年前後建立了Caslon 鑄造廠, 在18及19世紀初期成為了英文鑄字工廠的領導者。

    在William Caslon一世死後, 他的兒子William Caslon 二世繼承了Caslon 鑄造廠的所有事務, 一直到William Caslon 四世 才將鑄造廠賣給了布雷客.賈奈特公司 。在1792 年, William Caslon 三世將它在Caslon 鑄造廠的股份賣給它的母親和他以故兄弟亨利的老婆。在同年, William Caslon III 從最近已故的約瑟夫・傑克遜購買了Salisbury Square鑄造廠, 並把它改名為Caslon & Son。在1807 年, Caslon & Son鑄造廠繼承給William Caslon IV 。1819 年, William Caslon IV 賣了Caslon & Son給布雷客.賈奈特公司旗下的新雪菲爾鑄造廠。1837 年, Caslon 鑄造廠正式成為了Stephenson, Blake 公司的物產。 William Caslon III家族中的弟媳保留了Caslon 鑄造廠的主要部份直到1937 年, Stephenson 布雷克獲取了殘餘的H.W. Caslon & Son鑄造廠。

    ------Caslon 是由家族裡William Caslon一世(1692-1766) 所設計 serif 字體 。他最早期的設計是自1734年至今, Caslon 被指出是最原始的英文字體起源。但一些歷史學家指出Caslon 的設計相似於荷蘭人的Fell types [4] 。Caslon 有Venetian ("antiqua") 和荷蘭巴洛克式不規則的特徵。它有短的上升者和RN 筆畫過線之字母、相對的截線 、適度的對比、健壯的紋路, 和衝程的適度模塊化描繪等相徵。

    Source(s): me and dictionary
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