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In the Movie the Bodyguard who sang And I will always love you on the Jukebox?

In the movie Kevin and Whitney are in a small restaurant and this song And I will always love you begins playing on the jukebox. Its a solo MALE singer, singing the best rendition I've ever heard of this song. I have found this question resolved with people saying its Dolly Parton. This was a guy singing, sounded like a country star. Anyone know who it is?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    John Doe Song Performer ("I Will Always Love You")

    John Doe is a man who balances two well-respected careers -- as a musician, Doe was the co-founder, songwriter, vocalist, and bassist of one of America's most acclaimed alternative rock bands, X, and while he continues to write and record new material, he has also carved out a reputation as a busy and well-regarded character actor. Born in Decatur, IL, in 1954 as John Duchac.

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