Who would win? Sentry or Thor? (Marvel Comics)?

Thor with practically omnipotent OdinForce or Sentry with power of a million exploding suns,?

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    The simple fact is this: Thor right now is perhaps the most powerful he's ever been, and I believe he would far outweigh Sentry.

    While there are a lot of people who would say that Sentry's powers are limitless, the fact is, even in spite of the psychological limitations that hamper Sentry, Sentry has been shown to have limits. Thor at many times (from killing the Midgard Serpent while under Hela's curse to the entire series currently) displayed a willingness to pull his punch. when Thor chooses not to, it is doubtful there is a Marvel hero out there who could match him outside the truly cosmic characters, such as the Silver Surfer (Who I put more powerful than Sentry by a hair).

    Case in point, Thor openly said in the issue of his book that he faced Iron Man he's held back, but no longer (Especially against Iron Man).

    If you're looking at Thor with the Odinforce, it's not even a contest....Thor wins out over Sentry. Despite all of his powers, Sentry is still a mortal man. Despite the Odinforce, thor is still a god.

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    Sentry's powers haven't been put to the test as much as Thor. It seems that, Busiek aside, Thor has always been written with a certain amount of inherent weakness, to underscore his human sympathies.

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    hands down to Thor, sorry but he is one of the most powerful heroes in the marvel universe, he has single handily held all the other avengers at bay before when mad(insane)... and he is immortal. this is not biased either cause i very much personally dislike Thor's character

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    Thor would kick Sentry's ***

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hand Down!!Thor!!


  • 1 decade ago

    Get outta hea... Thor, com'mon..

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