White's Tree Frog not croaking?

From the time i got my dumpy, which was september 07, he croaked for about a good 2 months i'd say, and has never done it again. Unless sometimes when i pick him up and he bloats himself up because i hold him in a weird way then he/she gives a little croack.

However, im curious why he doesn't do his usual croaking at around 10pm anymore?

Does it have something to do with the seasons?

We use to imitate his call and he'd call back.

But now he doesnt do it..


Oh hahah thats interesting, Laughing.

I was trying to make him "croak" the other day by playind audio sounds of other dumpy frogs.. but he just sits there.. mmm.

I miss those days when he used to croak at around 10pm./ lol

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    Your question made me laugh. I looked at it and when I saw 'croaking' I thought you meant your frog wouldn't die. Sorry, it's been a long day.

    Male frogs croak to attract female frogs for breeding, and to warn away other male frogs from their territory. Maybe, he feels there is no threat from other frogs and isn't in the mood for love. Frogs are also very sensitive animals. Maybe a drop or increase in pressure in your house (too slight for you to feel) has been messing with him. Or maybe the he's reacting to the change in humidity and heat from September to now.

    Frogs have actually been very helpful animals for scientists on issues like global warming and climate change because they are so sensitive to these things.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    maybe it feels fastidium

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