evolution vs. creationism question for Muslims?

In the USA there is this great debate between Creationism and Evolution.

Creationist believe the world was created just as described in the Bible. Created in 6 days and all that. Furthermore based upon the Bible, those who believe in Creationism believe the world is something like 6,000 years old. On the other hand those that believe in Evolution believe the earth is much older and not in the creation story perse and human being evolved from other beings.

My question is what are Muslims taught about how the world is created?

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come on, can I get one serious answer?

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    Its not really a important aspect of islam....simply god created us and the universe.

    The genesis story is similar in islam ...6 days, but not literal days....and there was no 7th day for rest. The actual length of these days, we have no idea, but they are at least thousands of years long.

    There are many places where a "day" does not mean a 24 hour period

    Humans were not the first inhabitants of earth. We are told the jinns inhabited the earth before humans (there are angels, humans, and jinns)....satan was a jinn not an angel.

    Adam was the first man, but man was created in stages. Again, the importance is god created Adam and Adam was the first man created by god.....no need to dwell on other things.

    Now, the fact that adam wasn't created in a "snap of the fingers" allows the evolution to be accepted....same thing with the creation of the universe.....scientific theories can be accepted.

    Its more of a, "its a possibility", rather than, "evolution IS correct" The only thing we know 100% is god is responsible for creation.

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    I think it's quite ambiguous and you can get some Muslims who openly accept evolution and those who refute it.

    The problem with Darwinism for Muslims is that it entails the belief that man has its origins within earlier life forms and this seriously contradicts the whole Adam and Eve scenario. Darwin also put forward concepts such as the "survival of the fittest", something which again refutes Islamic thought on man. In one verse the Qu'ran states;


    YUSUFALI: Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth."

    Now a viceregent to evolve from a monkey or an ape is totally illogical, especially one who had to go through millions of years of evolution to get to that stage of viceregency.

    Some Muslims have accepted evolution - there's an interesting link below. Personally i don't really have a stance on it.

    Creation Account in the Qu'ran

    Universal creation and Human Creation - You might find the final wiki link below useful. I was just going to regurgitate it, but you'll get a better understanding of it yourself.


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    i am a Christian, but i have also studied all about the Muslim faith. the Muslim God is called Allah, and yes religious people will believe that God created all things. BUT the theory of evolution may seem against it. HOWEVER, both theories may be correct. God can create the universe, and everything in it that will make us. see the connection?

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    allah created the Universe

    Part of What Allah Created was Earth

    Allah Created jinns and many types of animals and creatures to inhabit the earth..Alot of those creatures went extinct before humans came around like dinosaurs

    Then He created Humans, and we were placed on this Earth Circa 200 000 years ago

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    muslims believe that Allah (SWT) created the universe. Allah means The God.

    However muslims believe in evolution too because kthe big bang can be part of the creationism and don't forget the embryo too..

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    i tried asking athiests this sort of question, and look at what kind of answers i got, for example i asked how is it that the earth is placed perfectly away from the sun so it does not freeze or burn any life to death? some answered by saying, "pure luck"

    edit: @In love with David A: we ALL have the same God

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    check this out for evolution...


    and this for how the universe was created


    and this is how everything would come to an end


    works better in Internet explorer

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    muslims worship the same god as Jews and christians. therfore, they all think Y-weh/Allah/God created the world

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    Muslims beleive that the world started by, our god putting us on earth.

    not true though...GOD created the earth. HE did, not Allah.


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    I sure as hell dint' evolve from no monkey hun!

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