How can you prepare " Chupe de pescado" It is an Ecuadorean ..?

recipe and I would like to have it.


Caroline Thank you very much that's exactly what I was looking for

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    I´m from Ecuador but I´m living abroad. I don´t recognize chupe de pescado as a national food. Ceviche is somethink like that and is very common along the coast in my country.

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    1/4 of vegetal oil cup

    2 onions, pricked

    3 perforated tomatos

    4 teeth of garlic, finely itched

    2 spoonfuls of tomato paste

    ¾ of teaspoon of dry oregano

    2 fresh, whole yellow red peppers cut in two, shrieked and without veins

    2 leaves of laurel

    15 water cups

    2 cups of white wine

    2 heads and espinazos of fish

    4 great, bare and cut Popes in pieces

    ¾ of rice cup

    ½ cup of peas

    ½ cup of perforated carrot

    10 pieces of choclo

    10 fillets of white fish

    7 spoonfuls of flour

    4 eggs, slightly beaten

    ½ evaporated milk cup

    ½ pricked fresh cheese cup




    To warm up the oil in a pot. Once it warms up, to add the onion and to fry until he is transparent. To add the tomatos, garlic, the paste of tomato, the oregano, red peppers and the laurel. To fry by 3 or 4 minutes to medium fire and soon to add the water, the white wine and the heads and espinazos of fish. To take to boil and soon to reduce the fire and to cook covered by 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    To strain and to give back the liquid to the pot. To add the Popes, the rice, the peas and the carrot and to let cook. To add, soon, choclo and to cook by minutes.

    To add eggs, slightly dangerous in thread form. To soon incorporate evaporated milk and the fresh cheese.

    Before serving, frying fillets of fish previously salpimentados and enharinados. To place them a fillet in each plate with the soup.

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