What do you know about India?

India is my native country.I was born in India.I know little about Gandhi.He is very grateful man.because of him india got Freedom.

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    India was the farthest reach of the great Syrian Empire- the Seleucidae Empire from 312-65 BCE. In 305 BCE, Sandracottus or Chandragupta Maurya formed a contesseration with Seleucus I 'Nicator' and gave him 500 cataphracted pachyderms for hoplomachy. It was with these elephants that the Syrian established the Seleucidae Dynasty by subjugating Antiogonus I 'Monopthalmus', Demetrius I 'Poliorcetes', Pyrrhus of Epirus at the battle of Ipsus on 301 BCE and Lysimachus at Corupedium on 281 BCE, and thus assumed the appellation of Basileus, Porphyrogennetus and Autokrater. This great empire followed the satrapial system (seventy-two satrapies) as that of the Chaldaeans and the Medio-Achaemenids that preceded it. However, under the effeminacy and dilapidation of the character of Antiochus II Theos, multifarious satrapies promulgated their autonomy. Some examples include the Attalid Pergamene Kingdom, Pontus, Bithynia, Cappadocia, Paphlagonia, Sophene, Commagene, Atropatene, Adiabene, Gordyene, the Andragorid Satrapy (later to become the Arsacid Dynasty of Parthia as under Arsaces I and Teridates I), Graeco-Bactria and the Nabataeans. However, under the effervescent Antiochus III Eupator, he from 212-205 BCE went on a great anabasis to Sophagasenus of the Indians. There he reduced Parthia and Graeco-Bactria to a hegemony and suzerainty. Following his death, the death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, etc. the Seleucidae was collapsing. In the east, Graeco-Bactria under Diodotus I, Diodotus II, Euthydemus I, Demetrius I 'Aniketos', Euthydemus II, Pantaleon, Agathocles, Menander I 'Soter', Eucratides I 'Eupator', Eucratides II, Plato and Heliocles rose and claimed prominence in northwestern India. Finally, Pompey the Great silenced the last feuding kings of the Syrian Empire- Antiochus XIII Dionysius Philopater Callinicus, Antiochus I Theos Dikaios Philorhomaios Epiphanes, Seleucus I Kybiosaktes and Philip II Philorhomaios on 63 BCE. The East soon became overrun by the Indo-Parthians, Indo-Sassanians, Indo-Scythians, Hepthalites, Chionites and Kidarite.

    This was a brief history of the Hellenistic Kingdoms as relating to India.

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    It is better to google India and search to find more about it. It is so very great,ancient ,complex and diverse and full of contraditions it would be impossible for any one to give an answer. You may check www.incredibleindia.org ,Wikipedia etc. Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest person of the walk the Earth in recent past (comparatively).You won't find many with the tag of "Great Soul" when still alive.


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    Oh dear. You guys just gave me a chuckle. I believe Mahatma means "great soul". Ghandi's first name was Mohandas.

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    i'm indian :D:D

    Gandhi was a very inteligent man. Yes, he helped India get their freedom from Britain.

    Oh, and he's gujarati. :D

    & his 1st name is Mahatma Gandhi.

    i know much more....

    but look at websites :)


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