Due to bad experience should we stop doing good things in life ? I am not like that, how about you?

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    gentleman.. if people stop doing good things out of bad experience...this world will stop running... no body is like that...neither you nor me....everyone is doing good things in their own way....ways may be different but aim not.....the way u think may be ridiculous for others and mine may not be liked by you....but we all are walking on the same road....the contribution of everyone to the betterment has always been...this is another thing that sometimes it is noticed and sometimes not....in every simple things either by the good or bad you are changing the world but you can't notice it easily because either the result is very common and it adds very little or the person is simply not interested in letting others know about his simple deeds of goodness......

    whatever our experiences have been..good or bad...they can not be changed....the time has gone so the chance to change it too.... but there is something which can be learnt....and that is the attitude and outlook towards the world ...strengthening the mind and purify it by taking the guidance from the good/bad experiences....

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    In life, everything we do or say has two sides to it.

    I will NOT stop doing good things, even if I have several bad experiences. It will make me stronger with all the bad experiences. I love my life and want to do as much as I can to help others also experience it. Life is so short ,so people do not stop doing good things.

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    I guess most of the people here are mature enough to understand tht life is not a bed of roses....you can never expect goodness all ur life.....there ought to be a darker phase in ur life to realize its importance........!!!

    Experiences both good and bad take u towards the reality of life...no i dont stop doing good things most of the time even if u are right n try to do good its turns out to be a worst case..this doesnt mean one must stop...and so i move on !!!

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    No, even if I get down over a bad experience, I'll never stop doing good things.

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    One of the reasons I will continue with Good things is just that :-) Goodness prevails always ,that means even when you experience Bad you will be good . If you see a spot less person in Mud the people will follow him !

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    Never, we should in fact be more driven to do good.

    Lead by example, even when no one is watching.......true character.

    Unconditional love / acts of unconditional love, or "good deeds" performed without an expectation of a "return" is truly the most rewarding aspect of our lives.

    Those of us who can continue to act from a "higher place" despite our negative experiences are truly striving to reach are greatest potential as human beings, don't you think?

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    I used to have that state of mind, but it's long gone now. If everyone did that, there would be nothing but bad experiences, and what a waste of living that would be.

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    No, I am not like that either. I may stop for awhile, to regroup, to lick my wounds, but I always seem to bounce back for more, and do get simple pleasure from my "good deeds" that no one can take away.

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    No. There is a force of good and a force of evil in this world. You participate in one or the other. Decent people have no choice but to continue to participate in good.

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    that is one very big thing which each and every person needs to learn....God is our teacher...like our parent...He loves us alot and never wants to hurt us...but He wants us to be free frm our weaknesses and flaws...hence he gives us difficult and challenging situations, like a teacher or our parents scold us....we must learn to take all these experiences positively....

    in every situation which is hurting...we must pray to God to give us enough strength to cope up with the pain and be able to realise the fault which we made.....once we pray to God honestly...we do realise the flaw we made...we can actually see the situation frm a different angle.....once we remove that flaw frm ourself.....things start becoming more and more beautiful....even more beautiful than they were before !

    hence...attitude is very very important....faith in God is the key to have a correct attitude....wrong attitude makes ppl bitter and then they stop doing good things...don't bother...God will help everyone who goes wrong anywhere....He loves us alot....

    okkk....well i am a very immature person just now....though i don't stop doing good things...becoz doing good is the ultimate aim of my life,and also my sole source of true happiness (i am not boasting plsss...i am only being too frank )...but i do get angry and rude.....i am praying to God to help me out with this aswell...He will....i know...

    few yrs back i had, had a terrible experience in my life...so bad that it was almost devastating...i thought i'll never be able to cope up with it...but all i did was prayers and prayers to my Allah....with time...i got more and more strength...i became more mature than before....and things became beautifull....that was when i realised that we should never stop believing God....if we have faith in Him..everything falls into place...

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