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How did you choose your university?

i got 5/5 offers from the universities i applied to.

(York, Nottingham, UEA, Sussex, Kent)

this may sound like a good thing, but trust me it's not!

i have no idea which one i want to go to and am sick of being swamped with all their propaganda.

how did you choose your university and was this the right choice?

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    If you haven't visited the campuses and cities/towns yet, make sure you do. That way, you'll get a good feel for the place. Sometimes gut feelings are very helpful!

    You also need to consider what each course offers you - e.g. one might offer an industrial placement which will increase your chances of getting a better job after you graduate.

    I also got accepted at all the Universities that I applied to but I was only really interested in two - one gave me the chance to go and study in the USA for a year and the other included a years work placement. The decision came down to the location for me - one was a city centre campus (Aston in Birmingham) and the other was a small town which was just another version of the town I grew up in (Lancaster) - and also the grades - I needed less to go to Aston!! And as that was where my then-boyfriend lived, that was my decision made!! To be honest, I would probably go for Lancaster if I had my time again, but I don't regret it.

    Just remember that wherever you go, it will be a new experience and you need to be somewhere you feel comfortable, both location-wise and course-wise. Good luck!

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    I am a freshman at Albright College and I came here because they offered me $11,000 in scholarships and talent awards, which greatly reduces the heavy price that must be paid to come here. Also, from looking at the classes, it looked like there was much that I would be able to learn.

    There were times when I was bored here and there still are, but considering how much I can learn here, I will be staying here until I graduate. So yes, it was the right choice.

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    A good way is to look at the rankings and league tables.

    These tables are updated annually after Ofcom inspections and student feedback has been received.

    Look at the lecturer : student ratio. This is a good indicator if they have enough staff in the department you are thinking of studying at. Also check out to see how much money they spend on students annually. Compare all the universities you are interested in.

    Join prospects and hear what current students say about their university.

    Link :,,10257...

    Link :

    Link :

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    when you visit the campuses you will get a feel.

    I looked at U of Wisconsin. It was so liberal, I would have killed someone. If I went to school there.

    Same with U of Colorado. Too many people smoking dope.

    Rolla - not enough women.


    you will know by a feel of the college.

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    I visited campuses all over, and when I stepped onto my current campus, I just knew, that was the school I wanted to go to. Did you visit all the campuses? Its VERY important I think. I am so thankful every day that I chose the school I'm currently at.

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    you should check the league tables on the guardian website.

    also, check out how expensive/ cheap the areas are, how close it is to home, crime rates, if there are any shops nearby where you can get a p/t job.

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    My father paid for me to attend Eaton. The other place would have been unthinkable.

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    For my major and economically.

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