Will running my truck's radio with the engine off kill my battery?

I'm going out to the beach and would like to have my truck's radio playing. I've got a 2003 Ford F-150. The radio is stock, with no after-market speakers or subs. I just want to know is if I run the radio for a couple hrs will it completely drain my battery? It would suck to have a great time out on the beach and then when it's time to leave, the truck not want to start. I appreciate any and all information.

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    Dude, these people are morons... Two hours is no problem as long as you don't leave the key in the on position. Just the accessory position. To be sure, start the truck after about an hour and let it run for 10 or so minutes.

    And as far as why is a girl answering, my daughter is an ace mechanic who could drive circles around you knuckleheads....

    Have a good time, man.

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    if it's a stock radio then you'll be fine, just don't leave it on for more then 3 hours, always start the car (or truck) and give it a few revs and let it run for a bit to charge the battery. A stock radio won't harm it much, if you have a sound system then don't leave the car (or truck) off for more then 20 min if its full blast

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    Two hours will drain a battery. I used to tint windows at a car dealership and we would turn on the radio while we worked. Sometimes we were interrupted and would leave the car but forget to turn the radio off. When we came back, it would be dead and we would need to jump start the car. The car owner would usually get pretty upset because all of the radio stations that had been set on the radio are now gone. It took a while for it to happen but two hours would definately do it.

    What you could do is carry one of those portable jumper boxes.


    Kind of an extreme measure but oh well. Look around and you might be able to find one cheaper. These are what we used to jump off cars at the dealership. You will probably find one at a pawn shop a lot cheaper.

    What would be cheaper than that is to just carry a portable radio/cd player with you. Once again, you can find some good deals at pawn shops.

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  • Anonymous
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    Yeah it'll drain it. Not fast but it will. Your engine is a generator that supplies your truck with the power needed for all your electronics. I would suggest starting the truck once in a while and letting it run just to help charge up the battery

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    It could. Depends on your battery.

    Pick up a new battery and keep it for a spare. Or wire it in for an aux battery.

    Get some jumper cables. Always should have them in your truck.

    Or like they say, run your truck a bit. But if you don't let it run long enough when you start it them you will just end up with a dead battery sooner.

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    Depends on how big your battery is and how loud you listen to your radio. The louder you listen to it, the more power is used. To be sure it does not drain it,I just start my engine every 20 minutes as a precaution and let it run for 5 minutes.

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    How come a guy is asking this question and a girl is answering?! Yes, it will drain your battery. Your car uses the battery only to start up than runs off your electrical system. If you play your radio while the engine is off it will use only juice from the battery, hence leaving your truck dead.

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    eventually yes. If it's the stock battery, I would not play it more than 20 minutes without starting your truck and running it for a while.

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    It should be fine, but just to make sure, every once in a while, I would crank the truck and let it run for a few min. Have fun!

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